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My blog’s one-month observance, 8/11/2010.

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As of tomorrow, 8/11/2010, I’ll have had this blog for one full month now.  So as Dan Patrick often says on his radio show, “What have we learned?”

So far, I’ve learned that there really are people interested in reading what I have to say on a variety of subjects — imagine that!   And I’ve realized that even with my limited resumé to date with regards to fiction writing, I have something to offer those who haven’t been writing as long — namely, the voice of experience.   (Though in small letters, not caps.  Calling me “the Voice of Experience” makes me feel old.)

So far, I’ve done my best to frame the narrative, express my opinions on various subjects, and discuss my book, ELFY.  (Thus the name for the blog site, “Elfyverse.”)  I’ve also discussed publishing, e-books, writing, a few sports figures, persistence, oddities in commercials, and not to be outdone, I discussed the whole issue of how LeBron James attempted to frame his narrative — but failed — after his disastrous ESPN “The Decision” special.

Not too bad for one month’s work, eh?  (What a shame I’m not getting paid for it.  Then again, it does serve to keep me occupied and reasonably amused, so it has that much going for it.)

As for the state of the Elfyverse, I’ve completed two more chapters during the past four weeks for AN ELFY ABROAD, two more for KEISHA’S VOW (ELFY prequel set in 1954), and have completely looked over ELFY.  I now have the option of figuring out where ELFY may best be split to perhaps interest a few publishers (ELFY is 240,000 words long, which is very long for a first-time novelist.  Yes, Susanna Clarke got away with it in her novel JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORRELL, but she had already sold at least one story in her alternate history prior to selling her novel, and the publisher knew it would have audience appeal and the backing of many critics.  Or at least was willing to bet on the latter while hoping for the former.  I have no such backers for ELFY, just my own will and strength, and of course the words and faith of my late husband Michael which must never be discounted or ignored.) — at any rate, such is the state of the Elfyverse at this time.  More updates as they become available.

But be sure to stay tuned.   ‘Cause I’m just getting started.

Barb Caffrey, who writes the Elfyverse — and anything else she pleases.

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August 10, 2010 at 10:01 pm

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