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“The Fair at South Farallon” up at e-Quill Publishing.

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Well, Lawrence got that story up in less than two days; he wrote the blurb himself, which I might have to tweak but am not going to worry about just yet . . . the story is a satire, and is about aliens, an odd contest that says it’s all about “story-telling” under a vague machine, but isn’t, and is most of all about friendship in the oddest of senses.

Betty and Karen are good friends, the type who’ve seemingly known each other forever.  Yet Karen’s behaving out of character, and nothing at the Fair occurring on South Farallon Island out in San Francisco Bay is as it seems . . . will Betty figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

At any rate, it’s fantasy/satire, mostly on the subject of unemployment and how many people are out there who are able to do much more than life gives ’em a chance to do.  Note that I write a lot of satire, though this is the first piece I’ve written that has anything to do with the employment issue in this country.  

This story isn’t as humorous as “Trouble with Elfs” or most of my stories, to be frank, but it’s definitely a satire — maybe that’s why I had so much trouble getting this sold.  I tried at least 75 publications over the years, with two — two! — holding the story for a month or two, then releasing it when there was “no room” for it or they changed their mind about the story.

Here’s the link to “The Fair at South Farallon,” and I hope that you’ll give it a chance.  If you do, I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Whatever you think, please come back and drop me a line, here, or at my Yahoo e-mail address which is barbcaffrey (all one word) AT Yahoo DOT com.  I’d love to know people are reading my stories!

Written by Barb Caffrey

October 13, 2010 at 9:09 pm