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An Elegy for Pat Strawnsky, 73.

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One of my friends, Pat Stransky, passed away recently at the age of 73. I hadn’t seen her in at least two years, but I thought about her often and called upon occasion . . . she, like me, lost her husband in 2004 and we often talked about how much we missed our husbands, along with current events and the oddities of which pop star was doing what to whom.  (Pat, like my Grandma, liked to follow the gossip magazines.)

Pat and Roger had two children; one, Mark, is in a group home due to some learning disabilities, while the other is married with children living in another state.  I hope the two surviving children will remember the love Pat had for them, and all the good times they must have shared as a family.

Pat loved animals.  She had a very large dog — I can’t recall her dog’s name right now, but though it weighed well over 100 pounds it was a sweet and gentle animal, devoted to Pat’s well-being.  Pat’s dog died a year or so ago, which saddened me when I heard about it.

Pat was 73, which is a good age for a woman with chronic health issues, emphysema, and all the other things Pat faced in retirement as a woman alone after her husband died.  But it saddened me greatly to hear of her passing for two reasons — one, she spent her last days in a nursing home (a very nice one, but she’d never wanted to go there — we’d talked about it often), and two, she was a very kind and gracious lady, and the world needs far more of those than it has.

I cannot say “rest in peace” because I find that common phrase to be an abomination — but I can say that I hope Pat has found Roger in the afterlife, and that they’ve been reunited with all their loved ones on the other side, including their pets.

My life was richer for knowing you, Pat.  I’ll miss you.

Written by Barb Caffrey

October 26, 2010 at 4:07 am

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