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E-Quill Publishing Features Michael’s Stories

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Cover Page for "On Westmount Station"

I’m very pleased to announce that my late husband Michael’s work is being featured at the e-Quill Publishing Web site.  Please see this link for further details:

Here’s the press release in its entirety:

Michael B. Caffrey is an eBook author from the USA. Due to the tireless devotion of his wife and fellow author, Barb Caffrey, Michael’s works continue to live on even though he passed away suddenly of an illness in 2004.

Much of what Michael wrote has been edited, and in some parts, co-authored by his wife Barb, who has succeeded in capturing the essence and ‘feel’ of Michael’s style. Not an easy accomplishment but one she achieved well, given her intimate knowledge and understanding of her husband’s style.

Titles released through e-Quill Publishing

Among those works listed through e-Quill Publishing, are included the popular Columba series, a fantasy magical series written for his wife Barb. The titles include

Columba and the Cat (2002)

Columba and the Committee (2002)

Columba and the Crossing (2004)

Columba Collection of short stories (2010).

Michael also wrote science fiction, creating the Joey Maverick series, a series set in an alternate far future setting. 

A Dark and Stormy Night (2001)

On Westmount Station (2010)

***** End Press Release *****

Please note there are more stories on the way, at least four more in the “Joey Maverick” universe, at least one more in the “Columba” fantasy universe, and of course there are many, many more stories in my Elfyverse, which Michael helped me start and without his influence wouldn’t be the same place.

Michael’s work deserved to live; so did he, but unfortunately despite my fervent wishes (and, I’m sure, his), that did not happen.  That his stories live on is a blessing, though never as much a blessing as was his presence in my life.

Know that I will work as fast as I can to get more stories written or finished.  I’m very pleased that there has been demand for these stories, and I want you all to know that as long as I’m alive, I will continue to work on all of this along with my own Elfyverse and all other stories that were in progress at the time of Michael’s death but for a time had to be set aside until I was once again ready to deal with them.

Written by Barb Caffrey

February 21, 2011 at 10:03 pm