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Wisconsin Department of Justice Fails; No Charges Against Ken Kratz

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Folks, this just disgusts me.

I wrote several blogs on this subject last October because what Ken Kratz did as the District Attorney of Calument County was absolutely appalling and beyond disgraceful.  It was shocking, rude, disgusting and absolutely wrong.

At any rate, Kratz must have a guardian angel or two looking out for him because he’s not going to face any charges of prosecutorial malfeasance for calling the much younger Stephanie Van Groll (then a domestic abuse victim) a “hot young nymph” (and other disgraceful things) via text message.  This was not right because of many things — Van Groll’s ex-boyfriend and abuser was being prosecuted then by Ken Kratz, for starters — but the state Department of Justice has determined that while Kratz didn’t do anything good with this, he didn’t “break any laws.”

All I can say are two things; here’s the link to the story, first:

And second — BS!   (BS to the highest degree, even.)

Look.  Justice should not be partisan, OK?  And it’s obvious what happened here — Kratz abused his authority, what appears to be over and over again — yet the DoJ refuses to do anything about it?

Astonishing, even considering the nonsense we’re putting up with right now in Wisconsin, which I have blogged about ad nauseum (just look for posts under “Wisconsin Politics,” “Wisconsin Protests” and “Wisconsin Recall Elections” if you want more on this topic).

Here’s the deal, folks: Ken Kratz managed to dodge a huge bullet here.  It’s unjust, not to mention very, very wrong, for him to have done so, and the only reason I can think of as to why Kratz managed to dodge this bullet is because of Wisconsin politics, sordid though it is.


Written by Barb Caffrey

March 28, 2011 at 7:51 pm