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Just reviewed Stoney Compton’s “Alaska Republik” — Enjoyable alternate history, but . . .

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Folks, I’ve rarely had such a struggle to review a book as I just did with Stoney Compton’s second novel, ALASKA REPUBLIK.  This book is fun — it’s an alternate history where the Czar never fell, North America is full of smaller countries (a smaller USA, a Confederate States of America, the Republic of Texas, the Republic of California, the First People’s Nation, and Deseret, not to mention British Canada and French Canada), and Alaska is fighting for its independence in 1987-8 . . . but because it’s not deep, this book isn’t as good as it should’ve been.

Now, having a book you flat-out enjoyed, but one that nags you, that says, “I should’ve been better, and here’s why,” is not a pleasant experience.  But I had to call it as I saw it; here, there’s a fun story with a really well-thought-out alternate history (which I talked about in my review for RUSSIAN AMERIKA at SBR several days ago), but it lacks depth, and that hurts the story.

Still, for pure storytelling enjoyment, if you like alternate history, you will truly enjoy both of Compton’s books.

Here’s a link to my review at Shiny Book Review; have at:

Written by Barb Caffrey

April 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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