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Just Reviewed Dave Freer’s “Dragon’s Ring” for SBR

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I was so entertained by Dave Freer’s DRAGON’S RING that I literally hated for the book to end . . . so I was glad that I got a chance to review it for Shiny Book Review (SBR) tonight.

DRAGON’S RING, put simply, is a tour de force, but that’s so often overused that at SBR, I called it a “masterpiece” instead.  DRAGON’S RING contains a deceptively simple plot about Fionn the dragon-shapechanger and his apprentice, Meb (also called Scrap) who are determined to destroy the world they live on, Tamarind, by any means necessary — yet it’s so much more than that, too.   It’s an action-adventure story, yes, but also a coming of age story for Meb, a rather understated romance between the pair of ’em, and a cultural study to boot . . . and that’s still barely scratching the surface of DRAGON’S RING.

What I loved most about DRAGON’S RING was its humor; Finn (that’s what he’s called in human form) is such an interesting, intriguing character that it was hard for me to put the book down now and again to do unimportant things like eating and sleeping because I never, ever knew what Finn was going to do next, nor whether or not it’d turn out to be a good or bad thing.  And how Finn interacts with Meb is a delight, going from mentor to friend to protector to, ultimately, feeling a gentle love that may just be the fiercest sort of all.

What an excellent novel.  And what a privilege to get to read and review it.

As Garth Nix’s quote, which appeared on the back cover of DRAGON’S RING, states so aptly:

“Dave Freer always delivers compelling, fast-moving and addictive fantasy adventures.  Write more, Dave.”

So, since I can’t do any better than that, I’ll leave it there — except to say that you really should read my review, then go grab the book!  (Or do it in the reverse order.  Trust me, I’ll be happy either way.)

Here’s the link:

Now, go read it!

** NOTE:  I even got the links right, too!   Both here, and at SBR.  (Maybe it’s not a huge thing to celebrate, but I take whatever I can get.  Especially since technology and me aren’t always on too friendly of terms.)

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May 18, 2011 at 9:20 pm