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Periodic state of the Elfyverse Update

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Folks, tonight’s update will be short and sweet — the state of the Elfyverse is as follows:

300,000 + words on AN ELFY ABROAD (ELFY sequel; this book will be split down the line, once I have a good ending — I’m about 8 chapters from the end there).  Working on part 46 (revision) and part 47 (first draft) at this time.

45,000 + words on KEISHA’S VOW (ELFY prequel set in 1954) — working on part 31 (revision) at this time.

Considering a new beginning — the same events, but told differently and more directly — for ELFY.  Still in the planning stages.  ELFY remains at just under 240,000 words and may well be split down the line.

Otherwise, as far as writing goes — got a new poem completed, which I’ll sit on for a few days before asking my first readers to take a good look at that (and one other I wrote a while back about observing the judicial recount).  Looked over KEISHA’S VOW last night (revised for over three hours).   Have a short story idea or two in process . . . 1/2 of the fourth “Columba” story has been written (though it’s in first draft form, so there’s a lot of work left to go there) . . . and, finally, another “Joey Maverick” story is in the works, but so far it’s more planning than actual writing going on.  (I’ll have to write almost all of this one, then retrofit what I can from Michael’s novel MAVERICK, LIEUTENANT, to fit.)

Because the last two stories were Michael’s — I’m doing my best to finish them (there was a bit of a start for the fourth “Columba” story, but that’s all — less than 2K words were there, almost all of which come _later_ in the story than I have written; I have about 5K words written there) — it takes more energy and effort to complete them.  But I know I can’t leave these stories be; when I get an idea there, I like to write it down and do what I can with it when the energy and time are available. 

I realize I cannot bring back my husband this way, but at least the worlds he created remain alive so long as I keep trying — no matter how long it takes.

That’s about it, writing-wise, though I’m also hoping to re-start another novel that’s post-Civil War steampunk (with Fae elements).

In other words, I still have plenty of projects, which is just as well — it’ll keep me from being bored.

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June 11, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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