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Weather has me down

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Folks, I have so many different things to talk about, yet we’re under a “heat advisory” (meaning it’s too hot to get much of anything done) and a pollution warning — excuse me, an “air quality advisory.”  (Whatever happened to simple words to describe these things?  Did they go the way of “used cars,” which has become “pre-owned” in recent years even though they’re exactly the same thing?)

That being said, we’re supposed to be under the heat advisory for several days, so I might not be blogging much during that time unless something really trips my trigger.  (Even Scott Walker saying now that he wants to “work with the Democrats” doesn’t quite do it, and that’s definitely something that would usually trip my trigger.)

Right now I’m just trying to conserve my energy for needed activities; I managed to get some editing done (a plus), and have done a little reading (also good), but it’s not as much as I’d be doing if the temperature were even ten degrees cooler.

And as for writing — aside from this blog, that is — I’m writing things down as main ideas rather than trying to develop them unless the idea is really strong and won’t leave me alone.  I’d rather take the time and cogitate on an idea than sit at the computer when it’s still 84 F at nearly 2 a.m. unless I know I’m going to get something accomplished . . . yes, the heat definitely is taking it out of me, big time.

Here’s hoping the weather will break/get cooler or at least less humid sometime soon.

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July 18, 2011 at 1:46 am

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