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Stay Away from Frontier Airlines, Says Sarah A. Hoyt

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Folks, go read this now:

Now that you’re back, here’s my comments.

Frontier tried hard in Sarah A. Hoyt’s experience to “frame the narrative” by blaming a hailstorm for causing massive travel interruptions five days later.  While this may be true to a degree (Frontier’s airline flight “fleet” is smaller than some), not telling travelers anything in advance — before they ever get to the airline — under these circumstances was wrong, stupid, pointless, and unnecessary.  Such an attempted narrative framing didn’t pass muster with a gifted editor and writer like Hoyt; they should’ve known better than to try.

And after reading Hoyt’s narrative, I need to ask this question:  why on Earth would anyone want to fly Frontier Airlines knowing that this had happened?  

You don’t need to be a SF&F fan to understand the problems here.  The level of indifference from Frontier’s employees that Hoyt reported is disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed to continue.  (And please, take it as read that I view Hoyt’s recollection as reliable.  She’s one of the “good ones.”  She’s not the type to stir up trouble just for the sake of it . . . though she won’t take garbage lying down and I don’t blame her at all.)

So, in the spirit of letting people know what has happened, even though I do not know Hoyt well (have reviewed some books of hers — excellent, all of ’em in any genre), I’m passing this along for your enlightenment. 

Considering it further, I can’t help but wonder why it was that these Frontier folks didn’t offer any hypoglycemic or diabetic-friendly snacks.  Not everyone is 15 — and even at that, some 15 year olds have juvenile diabetes, right?  So those people passing out granola bars and other sugary snacks while Hoyt was waiting in a three-hour long line just was stupid all the way around.  (Wouldn’t cheese and crackers have worked better?  Or even peanut butter and crackers?  How about some vegetables or even an apple or two?)

But that’s just one of the many stupidities Hoyt endured during her recent trip back from LibertyCon in Tennessee . . . awful, the whole thing.  Just awful.

The only good thing represented here is the comments section.  Did you notice the outstanding friends Hoyt has?   Kate Paulk.  Amanda Green.  Lin W. — probably a Baen Barfly.  Several other people I know by reputation or inference due to my previous incarnation as a Baen Barfly.

But that won’t make up for what Hoyt endured.  Nothing will, at this point.

At any rate, if I need to fly at all in the near future, I will definitely put Frontier Airlines far, far down the list.  I suggest you do the same.

Written by Barb Caffrey

July 23, 2011 at 2:33 pm