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Just reviewed Sophie Littlefield’s “Aftertime” for SBR

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Tonight’s book review is for Sophie Littlefield’s AFTERTIME, which is that extreme rarity: a hopeful dystopia.  I really enjoyed this book because it shows that even after the worst has happened (in this case, a biological and nuclear war that has devastated humanity and destroyed the United States as an entity), there’s still some good things capable of going on.

In other words, people still love one another; people still care about their kids; people still want to live in a world where they are capable of making good, productive choices.

Can’t say enough about AFTERTIME, as Sophie Littlefield definitely got it right; her heroine, Cass Dollar, is smart, tough, resourceful and intelligent and because she has all those good qualities, she just might be able to get her daughter back from religious reactionaries with the help of the enigmatic Smoke, freedom fighter and love interest.

Go read my review, which is here.  Then go grab the book!

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September 24, 2011 at 10:12 pm

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