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World Series Tied, 1-1, and Other Non-Issues

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Folks, right now the World Series is tied up at 1-1, meaning the St. Louis Cardinals won the first game, and the Texas Rangers won the second.

Of course, since my Milwaukee Brewers team is out of it, I don’t care that much about the outcome — and I won’t pretend I don’t.  The only reason I’m following it at all is that there are at least two ex-Brewers on the Texas roster — those being pitcher Mike Adams and outfielder Nelson Cruz (both were in the minor-league system for the Brewers), and of course the Brewers’ former pitching coach, Mike Maddux, now is the pitching coach of the Rangers.

This reminds me ever so much of something my late husband, Michael, and I discussed years ago.   I think we were watching a baseball game in 2003 — not a World Series game, either — and he said, “I remember that guy — he’s a former Giant.”

Not to be outdone, I told him, “Well, that guy over there for the other team” — I forget which teams they were — “is an ex-Brewer.”

Sure enough, we went to look it up, and we found several ex-Giants and ex-Brewers on both teams.  That increased our viewing enjoyment in an otherwise mundane experience . . . though mundanity itself can be pleasant, if you have the right person by your side.

Anyway, right now I’m engrossed in another editing project, which takes up a large amount of my thought-space (even when I’m not editing the project in front of me, I’m thinking about it; part of the deal); that’s the main reason I’m not talking about politics (though I will, and soon), more about the Brewers (still deciding what to say about the overall Brewers season), or music (except that I’m glad to be playing, there isn’t much more I can say there right now).

Stay warm, folks.

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October 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm

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