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Cell Phone Etiquette, Redux

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Folks, a while back I wrote a post about cell phone etiquette, and I’d hoped that I’d exhausted that subject.  However, I’ve noticed two more problems lately and I wanted to discuss them.

First, if you are in a business meeting, please stay off your cell phone even if all you’re doing is sending text messages.  Texting people during meetings is rude and disrespectful to those who are giving business presentations; it’s also rude and disrespectful to your colleagues, who are there to listen and/or speak . . . how can you possibly be learning or speaking if you’re spending your whole time in the business meeting texting someone else?

Second, if you are in a music lesson or in a music rehearsal, stay off your cell phone!  Whether you’re texting someone or actually taking a phone call, this isn’t just rude and disrespectful — it’s also extremely annoying.  The rest of us are trying to learn something in that lesson or rehearsal; we’re listening to the instructor (in the case of a lesson) or are watching the conductor and/or listening to the conductor’s instructions (in the case of a rehearsal).  If someone’s madly texting away, or worse yet, talking on a cell phone, it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on the lesson or rehearsal — so again, do not do this.**

I keep trying to figure out why someone might want to do this, but keep failing; even if there’s a family emergency, you should not be repeatedly texting anyone in a meeting, or in a band rehearsal, or in a music lesson.  (In that case, you should acknowledge the message, politely excuse yourself, then get to the person who’s in crisis immediately.)  And as for taking a cell phone call during any of these activities?  Why do it?

I don’t have a clue why there are people in this world who are so pig-ignorant that they don’t understand this, but let me say it loud and clear for these individuals, so they’ll never forget their manners again:

DO NOT text people during meetings, lessons, or rehearsals, because it is extremely offensive and obnoxious.  

Texting other people when you should be concentrating on what’s going on around you also actively hurts those of us who are trying hard to learn something. 

There’s no excuse for this behavior, SO JUST DON’T DO IT.

Got it?  (Good.)


** And yes, I’ve observed these very things in recent days.  How anyone can be texting away during a music rehearsal is beyond me.  (Apparently this person has no social skills, or manners, either.)

Written by Barb Caffrey

November 3, 2011 at 11:18 pm