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Post-holiday illness

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Right now I’m more sick than well.  I seem to have the flu, or something close to it . . . all I was able to do last night, writing-wise, is open up my current work-in-progress, CHANGING FACES, and look at it.  (Sometimes that will prompt something; sometimes, not.)  Which is better than nothing, of course, but not what I wanted.

I did practice my saxophone today for about forty-five or fifty minutes, so that’s something positive.

Otherwise, I finished up the book I’ll be reviewing for Shiny Book Review tomorrow, Mercedes Lackey’s BEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF, re-read one of my all-time favorite books, Rosemary Edghill’s TWO OF A KIND (more people should write like Rosemary does; she can write any genre, any style, anything at all and does it with flair), and am now working my way through Rosemary’s ILL-BRED BRIDE (another fine book).

Now, you might be wondering how I can read anything while I feel so lousy, or practice my saxophone, either.  This is partly because I have to do something that makes me feel better; right now, I am grieving the loss of my very good friend, Jeff Wilson, and yet I know he’d not want me to cry all day long.  (Sometimes I do cry for a while, but it passes.)  That’s not what he was about; he was about doing whatever it took to feel better, and books often helped him feel better when he was down.  So reading, in a strange way, is honoring his memory — and as it also honors my late husband Michael’s memory (who was the same way Jeff was in this regard), it’s a doubled blessing.

So, I read a bit, I practiced a bit, and now Mom and I are watching a movie, LEAP YEAR, a comedy starring Amy Adams as a control freak wanting to get married.  (I have yet to see or hear any man who could put up with someone drawn the way Adams has been in real life, but I suppose it could happen.  We all have our quirks.)  And later, I’ll read a bit more, try to write some music, and maybe some words will come to me also . . . hey, it could happen.

More tomorrow, one way or another . . . though right now, saying that reminds me of the Shakespearean quote (from “Macbeth”), “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in its petty pace from day to day . . . . “

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November 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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