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Just Reviewed Julia London’s “The Revenge of Count Eberlin” at SBR

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Tonight, I reviewed Julia London’s THE REVENGE OF LORD EBERLIN at SBR; here’s a few of my further thoughts about the book.

Folks, if you’re looking for a good way to spend a few hours amidst two star-crossed lovers in a 19th century English milieu, look no further than Julia London’s THE REVENGE OF LORD EBERLIN.  This is a good story with excellent characterization and depth that hangs on one, thin strand: when Lily Beaudine was eight years old, she saw Joseph Scott, a carpenter, leaving Ashwood Manor at a very late hour.  That was the evening the Ashwood jewels were reported stolen; Joesph Scott, who was innocent of that crime, went to the gallows.  And Tobin Scott, Lily’s oft-companion (who was then only thirteen), lost his father.  This embittered Tobin and he vowed revenge.

Now, it’s 1808.  Tobin’s become Count Eberlin of Denmark, a purchased title as he’s become an incredibly wealthy man due to gun-running and the like.  And Lily has become the Countess of Ashwood in her own right.  But Tobin still blames Lily for his father’s death, and is hell-bent on ruining Lily and Ashwood alike.

Of course, as this is a romance, the two of them have an undeniable connection despite Tobin’s initial antipathy.  And over the course of THE REVENGE OF COUNT EBERLIN, we find out why Lily’s Aunt Althea (then Countess of Ashwood through marriage) didn’t speak up to save Joseph Scott’s life, we find out that Lily may not be the last Ashwood heir (or heiress) after all, and we find out that Tobin and Lily can still talk with one another better than anyone else, even though it’s been years and Tobin would rather not.

This is a near-perfect romance that’s marred only because there was never any doubt of Joseph Scott’s innocence; had there been some doubt left there, or had Ms. London set up the novel a little differently so it was possible to see the actions of Joseph Scott and Aunt Althea through Lily’s eight-year-old eyes, this would’ve been flawless.  Still, it’s a very good novel that I enjoyed thoroughly; it’s one that you will, too, if you enjoy English historical romance and/or star-crossed lover tales.

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Written by Barb Caffrey

April 21, 2012 at 8:11 pm

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