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Just Reviewed London’s “Hadley Green” trilogy at SBR

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Folks, I previously reviewed book 2 of Julia London’s “The Secrets of Hadley Green” trilogy, that being THE REVENGE OF COUNT EBERLIN.  After reading that book, I was curious and wanted to read the previous book, THE YEAR OF LIVING SCANDALOUSLY, and the follow-up, THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X.  Both were good books that diverted me for a few hours; they seemed reasonably historically accurate with a few quirks (granted, without the quirks, there’d probably be no stories there to tell).

At any rate, here’s the link to these most recent reviews, a “two for one” special at Shiny Book Review for Romance Saturday (as what’s a better time for a romance than Saturday, hm?):


Written by Barb Caffrey

June 2, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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