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August 2012 Quick Hits, Part Three

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Folks, once again I have very little time and way too many subjects to write about, so here’s some more “quick hits:”

First, I was saddened to see that the Milwaukee Brewers released lefthanded pitcher Randy Wolf today; worse yet, today was Wolf’s thirty-sixth birthday, which seems a bit cold even for the Brewers front office staff.  The Brewers made this move because Wolf has a 3-10 record and an ERA over 5.00; that the Brewers are out of playoff contention also undoubtedly had something to do with Wolf’s early dismissal.

Second, the Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs today, 3-2, to sweep the Cubs.  Today’s game was notable as it’s the second game in a row Brewers manager Ron Roenicke actually pulled relievers when they were doing poorly; by getting those relievers out quickly, rather than letting them stay in for a whole inning and give up several runs, the Brewers actually won yesterday and today’s games.  (Maybe Roenicke is finally learning, eh?  Either that, or pitching coach Rick Kranitz is shouting louder into Roenicke’s ear.)

Third, I spent a lot of time today — for me, anyway — signing various petitions to overturn Citizens United in the only way we can: by the United States Congress passing an amendment to the Constitution that would disallow exorbitant amounts of corporate money that are now flowing into every election in the country.  We saw huge sums of money in Wisconsin during our past recall elections in 2011 and 2012, but those sums will be dwarfed by the various Congressional and Senatorial races, not to mention the 2012 Presidential race.

So much money in politics is very bad news for the average, run-of-the-mill citizen.  This should go without saying, but as it isn’t, it’s time for a Constitutional amendment.

If you, too, want to sign the various petitions out there, I suggest you go to Sherrod Brown’s Web site first, then Google “overturn Citizens United petition” and go from there.  ( has a good one that I signed, too; it’s sponsored by CREDO Action.  Even the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — the DSCC for short — has gotten into the act, and yes, I signed that one also.)

Finally, Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin (R) has not withdrawn his name from consideration.  Akin seems to believe that he will be able to beat embattled Senator Claire McCaskill (D) despite his awful statement about “legitimate rape” and how if someone has been “legitimately raped” that she will supposedly not get pregnant.  (I wrote about this a few days ago; follow the back arrow to see that post.)

Even though I’m not a Republican, I believe we need good candidates for every office in the land regardless of party affiliation.  That’s why Akin should’ve stepped down; whether he wins or not (though my money is on him losing, and losing big, partly due to his new insistence that he only used one “bad” or “wrong” word — that word being “legitimate” — and that “(his) heart” shouldn’t be judged), he’s shown himself incompetent to hold the high and important office of United States Senator.

And if I were a voter in Missouri — I’m not, thankfully — I’d be hopping mad that this man refused to step down when a better candidate could’ve still been appointed.  Because really, if Akin doesn’t think rape victims can get pregnant if a rape is “legitimate,” why should his appalling display of ignorance win him any votes at all?  (Doesn’t he realize that women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and yes, even party affiliations, have been raped in the past?  And that some of them have indeed gotten pregnant from “legitimate” rapes?)

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August 22, 2012 at 11:32 pm

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