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Wrote Guest Blog for Stephanie Osborn About Book Reviews

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Folks, I’m excited.  I just did my first guest blog ever for author Stephanie Osborn, writer of the Displaced Detective series featuring physicist Skye Chadwick and everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, brought into our time via physics and the parallel worlds theory.

Here’s a link to my guest blog, which is called “The Oft-Misunderstood Art of Book Reviewing.”  And here’s just a little bit of it, to whet your whistle and perhaps make you visit Stephanie’s site (a very worthwhile site it is, too; Stephanie’s a physicist herself who knows more about space travel than most, and can actually explain it in a way non-scientists like me can understand, as she did here in an extensive interview at Blog Talk Radio for the JeffTrek program):

Now, you might be wondering, “Why talk about book reviewing at all? Surely it can’t be that difficult to review a book – can it?” Well, that all depends on the book.

And the fact that book reviewers are often just as misunderstood doesn’t help. Some of the popular misconceptions run the gamut from, “Those who can’t write, review,” and, “What does she know about books, anyway?” Yet writing a book review isn’t that much different, if you do it properly, than writing anything else – the trick is to read whatever book you’re planning to review thoroughly, then ask yourself a number of questions.

As for what the questions are, you’ll just have to head to Stephanie’s blog to find out, now, won’t you?  (Insert evil laugh here.)

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September 18, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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