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Support Your Local Musicians

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Tonight, the Racine Concert Band played a concert at Horlick High School.  We played four pieces alone, and with the section leaders from Horlick’s Symphonic Band, we played Dmitry Shostakovich’s “Folk Dances.”

Now, we’re fortunate in Racine that people do come to the Racine Concert Band’s concerts — whether they’re the free ones in the summer over at the Racine Zoo, or in combination with local high schools.  We tend to have good, solid audiences who appreciate what we do; they enjoy live music, and want to hear more of it.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about — live music.  And hearing more of it.

The easiest way to support live music is simply this — go to a concert, and support your local musicians.

I can hear some of you now.  “But I live out in the middle of nowhere!  We don’t have any musicians here — we can’t have any here!  So what am I to do?”

In that case, I’d urge you to look around, because there probably are more musicians around than you might think.  But whatever area you live in, you need to get out there and listen to some live music.

And for those of you fortunate enough to live in a big metropolitan area, do me a favor.  Don’t limit yourself to the symphony orchestra, though that often is a great place to go for good music; go out and watch whatever music you can, as there’s probably much more going on in your area than you might be aware of.

Consider, please, that in Racine, we have several high school music programs, all of which have their own strengths — these are at The Prairie School, at Racine Lutheran, at Case, at Park, and of course at Horlick.  These programs have orchestras, bands, jazz ensembles, choirs, and much more — so get out there and listen to their music.

Also, keep an eye out for community bands and orchestras; for example, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside has both a Community Band and a Community Orchestra.  Good music is being made by these groups, and going out to listen to them is often less expensive than seeing a first-run movie.

And, of course, my own Racine Concert Band is in its 89th consecutive season.  Winner of the Sudler Silver Scroll for excellence in musicianship and in elevating the cultural and musical environment of Racine back in 1995, the RCB continues to make good music and help get the word out that Racine has more live music than the music being made by the Racine Symphony Orchestra, the Belle City Brass, the Racine Dairy Statesmen (for men only) and Opus 2000 (for women only).

Racine, you see, is blessed with many great musical groups, from choruses (the Dairy Statesmen, Opus 2000) to a brass band (Belle City Brass), to the RCB and the RSO.

But your area — whatever area you’re in — probably has a lot more going on, musically speaking, than seems to be the case.  That’s why you should do whatever you can to support music in the schools and in the community — whether it’s rock, jazz, country, swing, symphonic music or anything in between, go out and support your local musicians.

And if you think supporting your local musicians at such a difficult economic time is a frivolous act, I have news . . . you’re helping keep various musicians, music teachers, and associated others employed.  Which is a positive thing, possibly even a life-affirming thing — and should be commended.

So, once more — get out there and see a concert or two.  And support your local musicians.  (Please?)

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October 16, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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