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Quick Friday Update

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Folks, I’m writing, editing, and keeping myself so busy that I’ve barely had time to come up for air.

Now, what’s causing me to become this obsessed?  Parts 46 and 47 of AN ELFY ABROAD, the direct sequel to ELFY, that’s what.  I was stalled out for a long time in this manuscript — months and months, easily — and while I worked on other projects, writing-wise, I didn’t feel satisfied.  But because I think I’ve figured out a way to get through these chapters that makes sense and, more to the point, amuses me (in a humorous fantasy, if it doesn’t amuse the writer, it definitely won’t amuse the reader), I’m feeling a whole lot better, writing-wise.

Editing-wise, I have two very interesting projects right now, one a “big, fat fantasy” and the other a coming-of-age story.  So when I’m not writing or reading, I’m editing . . . and I hope to squeeze in a review or two over at Shiny Book Review, as well.

So that’s about it for my update; while I have plenty to say about politics, sports, current events, and more, while I’m working so hard on the writing and editing, it all tends to go by the boards unless it rivets my attention.  And even though I’m annoyed mightily by much of what I’m hearing on television from the Republican candidates here in Wisconsin (and across the nation; can’t stand that Todd Akin, and I’m not a big fan of either Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney, either), nothing “new” has happened that really bothers me to the point that I must blog about it, or else.

And if it doesn’t rivet me during a time where I feel intense creativity on my own projects, I’d much rather focus my energy on what I can do, personally, rather than my anger over how various pundits are saying this or that, or the candidates themselves have said this or that.

Because really, when you’re only a few weeks from a major election, it’s all over but the posturing.  And I’m tired of all the talk.  So let’s get to the voting, and then decide.

* * * * * *

One further note: I will have a “guest blog” post by writer Stephanie Osborn coming up on Sunday.  She’s going to discuss her “Displaced Detective” series, which I have enjoyed very much so far (book four is forthcoming from Twilight Times Books), and the research that’s gone into that series.  So please remember to come back on Sunday.

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October 19, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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