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Saturday Early Morning Roundup

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Time for a roundup, folks.  (Otherwise known as, “What has Barb been doing all week that’s kept her from giving any sort of update whatsoever?”)

As you can see from my previous blog, I just wrote extensively about US Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a Republican from Tennessee.  DesJarlais’ behavior is so offensive that it cried out for a full blog.

But considering that is the only time I wrote anything during the entire week, regular readers of this blog might be wondering what I’ve been up to that’s kept me from blogging.

Mostly it’s the same stuff that I mentioned the last time: I’m still getting up to speed with the editing internship.  I’m still working on two extensive book edits.  And I’m doing my best to hash out some plot points in AN ELFY ABROAD (the direct sequel to ELFY), plus re-start some other projects as ideas occur.

I also sent out four stories in the past three weeks; one came back to me tonight with good comments, but no sale.

For those of you who are new at the fiction writing game, when an editor gives you comments, it’s a very good thing.  Editors are busy people (I know this for a fact when I’m wearing my editor hat), and they won’t generally bother with even a one-line comment unless they see something in the manuscript — or the writer — that they want to encourage.

So that’s a positive step — the editor read the story and liked it, but just didn’t like it enough to buy.

Anyway, back to blog subjects — AKA, the things I would’ve blogged about if I just hadn’t run out of time.

There was one state story, that being the fact that the Wisconsin Assembly (our lower house) elected Robin Vos (R-Rochester) as their Speaker.  Vos is one of the more hard-line members of the Assembly and isn’t willing to compromise, which may lead to further problems in months ahead here in Wisconsin.

But much of that story will have to play out in coming months; for all I know, Vos could have a change of heart and decide he’s going to behave in a more bipartisan manner from here on out.  (Pigs could fly, too.  But neither is too likely of an occurrence.)

There was one local story that nearly passed muster, that of the City of Racine setting off fireworks after a roundabout, of all things, was completed near City Hall.  This seems like a tremendous waste of money, all for a roundabout that no one really wanted outside of the city fathers (and, perhaps, mothers).

But while that was annoying and stupid, it didn’t seem to warrant a whole blog, either.  Which is why I initially let it go by without comment.

And there were a few sports stories that I felt like blogging about this week, too.  One was about Ryan Braun, because I was certain he would not win the National League MVP award even though he was as deserving as anyone (but Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants was nearly as worthy, so I didn’t have that big of a problem with it when Posey won).  One was about Tim Tebow, who got slammed — anonymously — by several teammates in the media, to the point that his own coach, Rex Ryan, then slammed the anonymous players in return.  And one was about the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and how it needs to be seriously revamped . . . but then, the BCS has always been controversial, so my thoughts against the BCS weren’t so important that I just had to get it down now, right now, or forever hold my peace.

Nevertheless, these were all topics I considered blogging about.  And if I’d had more time, I assuredly would’ve written blogs about Vos, the silly roundabout coupled with the even more silly fireworks, Braun failing to win his second MVP despite being a deserving candidate, Tebow’s teammates and their bad behavior, and probably the BCS, too.

But I just didn’t have time.  (As it is, I’m cutting into my sleep cycle to write this blog, not to mention the previous one about the odious Rep. DesJarlais.)

Oh, yes.  I reviewed THE UGLY DUCHESS by Eloisa James over at Shiny Book Review on Thursday.   So that should give y’all a little bit more to read, should you be so inclined.

Anyway, that’s about it . . . though you might be looking for my review of Lois McMaster Bujold’s CAPTAIN VORPATRIL’S ALLIANCE in the next few days over at SBR.  (My hope is to get it written and up on Saturday evening, but that may not be possible.  We’ll see.)

Now, back to the salt mines.  (Or at least to sleep.  Whichever.)

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November 17, 2012 at 4:56 am

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