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A Quick Saturday Update

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Despite my best efforts, whatever it is that I’ve been sick with for the past several weeks has grown worse over the past few days rather than better.

This has necessitated that I rest, drink much water, take over-the-counter medication and then rest some more.

The only good thing about being ill is that I’ve finished a number of books, including Janet Edwards’ EARTH GIRL, Beth Revis’ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, Gennifer Albin’s CREWEL and Victoria Alexander’s A VISIT FROM SIR NICHOLAS and THE PERFECT MISTRESS (the last a delightful story set in 19th century England about a ghost, her great-granddaughter and the need to embrace life).  All of these were thought-provoking books, but the reason I’m going to review Edwards’ EARTH GIRL over at Shiny Book Review is that it’s an extremely rare example of what could be a utopia as no one hungers, thirsts, or lacks for medical care while everyone is educated to the limit of his or her ability.  But there are still problems, mostly dealing with the Handicapped (those who cannot portal to other worlds and must stay on Earth), which gave Edwards the ability to show conflict even in a mostly utopic setting.

Edited to add: review of EARTH GIRL is up at SBR.

Still doing my best to write, edit and regain my health. But this flu — or whatever it is that has me laid low — is really not any fun whatsoever.

Written by Barb Caffrey

January 12, 2013 at 11:09 pm

Posted in Editing, Writing

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