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Copy-Editing Internship Ends, and Other Updates

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As of yesterday — Friday, January 25, 2013 — I am no longer a copy-editing intern at Bleacher Report.

Now, this is not a bad thing.  Not at all, in fact, because it means I have successfully completed my twelve-week internship.

During this time, I have fought illness and had some other family health issues that came into play.  My energy levels have been low, particularly in late December and all throughout this month.  I haven’t played a concert for the UW-Parkside Community Band since last May due to everything going on (though I have played several for the Racine Concert Band) and my writing definitely hasn’t been where I want it to be.

But I have continued to persist.

I also learned a new “house style” — for non-editors, this is what Bleacher Report expected articles to look like and what ways terms were either capitalized, hyphenated (or not) or otherwise emphasized.  This was the first time I’d had to learn a new stylistic language in at least fourteen years, so that in and of itself is an accomplishment.

And, of course, every site is different. Some places want you to write “website” as all one word with no capitalization.  Some want you to write it in my preferred way, “Web site.”  Some write “Website” with a capital W.

It’s the little differences that set different sites apart.  Which is why learning “house styles” can be either a blessing or a headache, take your pick.  (Even though sometimes, it’s both.)

Finishing up my internship without being able to call my friend Jeff and let him know what happened (as I’m sure he’d have been up on it) was difficult.  I have always felt bittersweet when something ends . . . many of us do, I know, so I’m far from the only one.  Still, he understood me quite well (as I understood him) and he’d know this was a major accomplishment.

I really wish he’d have been alive to hear me talk about it.

Of course, had my husband Michael still been alive to this date, he and I would’ve gone out to celebrate in some way or another.  He’d have told me that doing something like this to maximize my chances at a paying job in the only section of the publishing industry that seems to possibly be expanding (or at least not contracting, as sports is a big business, I love sports and understand ’em, so why not?) was a shrewd career move whether it pays off in the short run or not.  And he’d have told me over and over again how much he admired me for doing this when I’m hardly fresh out of college (not even fresh out of my Master’s program) . . . even though I know what he’d have said, I wish he had been here to say it.  (Michael was uniformly encouraging and believed very strongly in me and my abilities as a writer and editor.  Even when I didn’t believe in myself, he always believed.  That’s why I will love him forever.)

And of course I really wish Michael were still alive, too . . . goodness alone knows what we’d have done as writers and editors had he survived the four heart attacks in 2004, but I’m sure it would’ve been amazing.

I like to think that everything I do will matter, both to Michael and Jeff, whenever I see them next.  And I do think I will see them again, and know them, and be able to continue on as before in whatever way the soul goes on in eternity.

Knowing that, some days, is all that keeps me focused.

Aside from that, I thought I’d pass along a few other updates. I’m still going through ELFY, part 1, with my publisher’s blessing, but I hope to have all changes back soon. (Yes, that’s my coy way of saying ELFY is to be split without actually saying it.  Though I just did anyway, so all that coyness really didn’t work.  Ah, well.) I don’t know if there will be different names given to parts 1 and 2 at this point.  I do know that ELFY is coming out only as an e-book, but that’s fine with me as it’s miles better than where I was a year ago.

I’m taking another week off from reviewing anything over at Shiny Book Review, but Jason Cordova reviewed Sarah A. Hoyt’s DARKSHIP RENEGADES a few days ago.  So do take a look.

And in a non-personal update, Corey Hart did indeed end up having knee surgery after he got his second opinion.  Most sports sites (like Hardball Talk) have Hart penciled out of the lineup until May.  My hunch is that Hart, if he heals anything close to as quickly as he did the last time, will be back by mid-April at the latest.

In closing . . . while the internship is over, life goes on.  I’ll continue to do whatever I can to write, edit, comment and figure out what happens as best I’m able . . . and if there are further updates in this quarter (one would hope there would be at some point with either writing, editing or life in general) I’ll keep you posted.

And who knows?  Maybe by next week I’ll have enough energy to write a book review or two.  (I have several hanging fire, one a non-fiction book about space from Travis Taylor and Stephanie Osborn, three great books from K.E. Kimbriel and two books by Veronica Roth to get to, among others.)

Here’s hoping.

Written by Barb Caffrey

January 26, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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  1. ((Hugs))

    I’m glad your internship was a success. Hope more opportunities come your way.

    Keeping you in my thoughts.


    January 27, 2013 at 12:40 am

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