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Snow Days, Snow Days . . . .

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As of this moment, there’s about eight inches of snow on the ground — all of which fell in the past twelve hours or so.  More snow is expected to fall, which begs the question: “So, Barb.  What do you plan to do with yourself, now that you’re going to have a snow day?”


I plan to write, as I’ve done a little of that every single day for the past week.  My word count over time isn’t great — my high day was 1100 words, my low was about 300 — but I’m glad I’m making some forward progress again after being so ill.

I also plan to edit, as I’m working on two big projects right now (the third major one having wrapped up late last week).

And, finally, I’ll watch the snow fall . . . because really, it’s much better to admire the snow from the inside, where you’re not having to walk (or worse, drive) on it, than to be out in it.

Especially when the wind is blowing the existing snow sideways (as it has been for most of the day) . . . anyway, stay safe, everyone.

Written by Barb Caffrey

February 27, 2013 at 4:00 am

Posted in Writing

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