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Answering Questions

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Folks, here are the questions I’ve been asked the most over the past week-plus:

Q: When will you start talking about the Milwaukee Brewers winning streak?

A: Today, I suppose.

Really, I’ve watched the Brewers with great interest over the past nine games.  (Well, I always watch with great interest.)  I’ve appreciated that they’re winning, that their pitching has improved, and that most of the hitters are starting to come around (with the noted, and glaring, exceptions of Rickie Weeks and Alex Gonzalez).

But I’ve been sick the entire time.  And unless something really captivates me — and possibly even if it does (such as Jean Segura’s amazing feat of running the bases backward and getting away with it) — I just haven’t had the energy or health to comment on it.

Still, I’ve enjoyed watching the Brewers play.  And I hope their much improved play will continue, even though at some point their current winning streak will come to an end.

Q: Barb, will you be playing the next concert with the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Community Band?

A: No, unfortunately not.

I’ve been feeling very poorly for the past five or six weeks, folks.  I just haven’t had much energy.  And I continue to feel lousy, which is not conducive to playing a woodwind instrument, to editing, or too much in the way of writing, either.

But I urge everyone to go out and support the Community Band, some of the best music being played in the Southeast Wisconsin area that has mostly been overlooked.

Q: What’s the status of your writing and editing?

A: Right now, I remain in a holding pattern.  The bronchitis I’ve been dealing with seems significantly better, yes, but I don’t feel that much better.  My concentration has not improved, my energy level has remained very low, and I’m concerned as to why.

Until I can regain some concentration, I just can’t do that much.  Which is why my blog hasn’t had an entry since last Saturday’s book review and after-action report . . . and it’s why no editing of substance has been done in nearly two weeks.

Believe you me, I’d rather be healthy.  (Or at least healthier.)

Q: What’s going on with ELFY?

A: ELFY remains on the schedule at Twilight Times Books, bless them.  That’s all I can report right now.

Q: Do you plan to bring any of your husband Michael’s stories back out any time soon?

A: Actually, I do.  But I must have more energy to first make sure they read well, then try to do the file conversions for e-books — something I’m not particularly good at, and something that worries me.  So I need to be feeling better in order to get this done . . . eventually, I should feel better.  (Right?)

Q: Why is your health so bad right now?

A: Beats me, but I wish I knew because I’d put a stop to it, pronto.

That’s all I know, but I hope this question-and-answer blog has been informative.  Further information waits upon events, as always . . . maybe that’s all we can do in this life, is wait upon events no matter how much we, ourselves, want to be seen as acting rather than reacting.

Rest assured that when there’s some good news to report, I will be very glad to report it.  (Promise.)

Written by Barb Caffrey

April 24, 2013 at 9:24 pm