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Working Away While Slowly Recovering

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Folks, as I said a few weeks ago, my blogs may be few and far between for a while.  My health continues to slow me down, though I have recovered a teensy bit of energy and have been able to do more in the way of editing for the past week or so.

Still, because I was so ill, I got behind in my various editorial projects.  That means everything else got behind as well, including the various reviews I’d hoped to write for Chris Nuttall’s THE ROYAL SORCERESS, Ash Krafton’s second novel, and Karen Myers’ two novels in her Hounds of Annwn series.  (These books all will be reviewed ASAP, but all depends on my health continuing to improve — or at least not to decline again.)  And let’s not even start talking about any other writing, as everything — including e-mails to friends and colleagues — has taken a back burner to completing at least one edit for the past week-plus.

Fortunately, I’ve now done exactly that — completed work on one edit.  (There are still three more in the pipeline, of course.  But one beats none.)  This means I might have a little time left over to write with, so that means I may be able to better work on my blog, my book reviews, and of course my fiction writing if I am able to set aside any time for it.

At any rate, as I’ve said here before, it took months for my health to become this bad.  So it’s going to take months before my health returns to some semblance of normalcy.  That means I have to continue to pace myself, get as much rest as possible, and try not to get frustrated as I’m assuredly going to have days where I can do almost nothing.

But the key is “almost.”  And if I can do something, no matter how small — and no matter how fleeting — the day isn’t a complete and total write-off.  Which means I’m doing all I can, and that I’m still progressing toward my goals.

And as that’s all I can do, I’ll take it.


Written by Barb Caffrey

May 27, 2013 at 6:34 am

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