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Cubs Play Brewers, AKA ‘The Battle for Last Place Starts…Now’

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The Milwaukee Brewers started a three-game home series against National League Central rival the Chicago Cubs this evening, a series that will only determine one thing: which team ends up in the cellar.

You see, I’ve been calling this series “The battle for last place starts . . . now” for the past week or so, ever since the Brewers improved enough to possibly overtake the Cubs after the Brewers’ historically awful May.   And that particular phrase took on additional relevance due to the fact that both teams are currently tied for last in the NL Central with a 31-43 record.

Obviously, neither team has been particularly impressive to date.

So why am I still watching a game that seems all but pointless?  Simple.  I’m a very big Brewers fan, and I watch them no matter what.  Plus, the Brewers’ best pitcher, Kyle Lohse (2-6, 3.68), is matching up tonight against the Cubs’ Edwin Jackson (3-9, 5.49), so it really seemed like perhaps the Brewers could come up with a few runs to actually help Lohse win for a change.

However, that so far has not proven to be the case.  The Brewers’ offense looks anemic without power hitters Ryan Braun and Corey Hart, and while Aramis Ramirez continues to play on a bum knee, his power numbers have obviously suffered.  That Carlos Gomez is out due to a shoulder sprain incurred while making a great catch in center field on Sunday weakens the offense even further.

That’s why the Brewers have thus far only managed to score one run on a homer by relatively new Brewers first baseman Juan Francisco in the second inning.

And while the Cubs are also missing a number of their good players to injury, they’ve at least managed to score three runs due to a home run by Nate Schierholtz in the third.

And sure, there are a few innings left to go, as we’re now midway through the fifth inning with the Brewers about to come to bat.  But things really do not look promising.

Anyway, the important thing to remember is that it’s just baseball.  There usually are a few good things to watch — for example, Francisco just managed to score in the fifth after Rickie Weeks, of all people, doubled.  (The score is now 3-2, Cubs.) — and there are always people to root for.  (Personally, I’m rooting for Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez, who saved his 300th career game last Saturday, along with Jim Henderson and the other relievers.)

Baseball is more fun in the summer, even when your team is in last place.  Which is why I plan to continue to watch my team, even as I hope that they will, somehow, improve — or at least get healthier.


Written by Barb Caffrey

June 25, 2013 at 8:40 pm

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