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Short Story Sale Announcement…

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Finally, it can be publicly announced . . . the short story I sold in October was bought by the STARS OF DARKOVER anthology, edited by Deborah J. Ross and Elisabeth Waters.  This is set in the long-running Darkover universe created by late author and SFWA Grandmaster Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Looking at the table of contents, it’s fairly obvious that I’m the only author who doesn’t have a number of professional short story sales to my credit and who doesn’t have at least one book out as of yet save one.  The other person who doesn’t seem to have a number of stories out is Gabrielle Harbowy,  an editor with a number of well-received anthologies to her credit.

Now, as to what my story “At the Crossroads” is about?  I figured that judges have never really been talked about in the various Darkover anthologies, yet MZB herself had mentioned an extremely important and influential Renunciate judge, Fiona n’ha Gorsali, at the very end of THE SHATTERED CHAIN.  My story is about how Fiona got to her high position on the Courts of Arbitration (that MZB described her as having), as Fiona was the first woman ever named to that court.

Because THE SHATTERED CHAIN is set after the Terrans have recontacted their former colony after many millenia apart, that gave me a time frame to deal with that seemed fertile with possibilities.  I picked one . . . no, I’m not about to say what just now (maybe later) . . . and rolled with it.

And fortunately for me, Ms. Ross liked my idea enough to work with me and help me get it done.

So now you know . . . and I’m very excited about it.  (Between this and getting Michael’s stories back out and of course getting my novel ELFY ready to go as well, it’s been a very busy end of the year!)

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December 2, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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