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The Campaign to Fix My Car Continues…

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Folks, it’s been 44 days, and my 2010 Hyundai Accent Blue is still not fixed.

Why not?

Some of it is a matter of money. Some of it is a matter of principle. And some of it is because it takes time to repair a faulty transmission — especially when it catastrophically fails, like mine did at 67,000 miles for my Hyundai Accent.

I was only seven thousand miles over the warranty, as I’ve said before. I did try to get it addressed at 52,000 miles (as I’ve also said before), but I didn’t demand satisfaction.

Normally, I would’ve. But it was cold that day. It was nearly closing time. And the guy was rude.

I probably should’ve blogged about the bad customer service at the time. But I didn’t.

And I wasn’t given any documentation at all. So I’m just screwed as far as this repair goes.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help defray costs for this car repair, as I am not wealthy, this car repair is ruinously expensive, and health concerns demand that I have a car (for both myself and my mother).

So far, four lovely people have donated $125 toward the cost of my car repair. I appreciate their help.

I still need more help, unfortunately, as the car repair will cost at least $2200.

I’d rather talk about anything else than this car repair. Sports. Politics. Current events. Even Kim Kardashian, for pity’s sake.

But this is all I’ve got time to talk about, as I’m trying to finish off a comprehensive edit in order to perhaps generate a little more revenue for myself.

Why should you help me? Well, I’m hard-working. Honest. I’ve tried my best to get this resolved, if to no avail…and I do not deserve this bad of a result, merely because I didn’t demand satisfaction at 52,000 miles.

I pray that someone out there will care that this has occurred, and will want to help me. Because it’s obvious that I’m not going to get any satisfaction from the Hyundai USA people — and the folks at the dealership just can’t do that much. (I believe they do want to do more, or I’d be much angrier than I already am.)

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