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More Thoughts Re: Craig Wayne Boyd on “The Voice”

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Folks, I am glad Craig Wayne Boyd has lasted another week on NBC’s “The Voice.” I’d told myself if he made it through, I’d write about him again…but this time, try to explain just what I see in Mr. Boyd, and why I think him continuing on is a positive example for everyone — not just other singers or musicians, but everyone.

First, I believe someone who has talent should be encouraged. Mr. Boyd has talent — loads of it. He has a huge, yet smooth baritone voice, and he only rarely goes off-pitch (and then, seemingly, only for a microsecond; just long enough to let us all know he’s human, then he’s back on again). He is a consummate musician who does everything right.

Second, Mr. Boyd’s success to date on “The Voice” shows that sometimes, you just need the right opportunity.

Third, and by far the most important, is that Mr. Boyd is persistent. He refuses to give up on himself and his talent. And because of that, he’s finally getting his time to shine.

You see, persistence matters. Without it, Mr. Boyd wouldn’t finally have been able to grasp this opportunity — the right opportunity for him — and he wouldn’t be on the cusp of major stardom.

I think we all could learn a lot from Mr. Boyd’s career to date. He’s had ups and downs. He’s been an opening act, he’s toured the country (see this article for more details), he’s been little-known, and he probably wondered what he had to do to get a break.

Now, he finally has one.

As Blake Shelton, his coach, said last night during “The Voice” results (my best paraphrase, as I don’t have a transcript in front of me), “I don’t know how Craig isn’t already a star, how he was overlooked.”

I don’t, either. But I’m glad he hung in there and seized his opportunity when it finally arrived.

Because he deserves it.

Let that be a lesson to everyone in the value of persistence, along with the stalwart refusal to give up on yourself. (As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Boyd is right up there with Vinny Rottino in that regard…fortunately, music is unlike baseball, and Mr. Boyd should be able to have a long career.)

Edited to add:

I’m not the only one who feels Mr. Boyd should never have had to go on “The Voice” and should already be a major star (as I said in my prior blog on this subject).

Take a gander at Lyndsey Parker’s column over at Yahoo Music:

Craig is untouchable in this competition. He’s a pro. He’s a golden god. He should have landed a record deal years ago, and it’s almost downright embarrassing that he had to go on The Voice in the first place.

Amen, sister!

Written by Barb Caffrey

November 26, 2014 at 8:15 am

2 Responses

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  1. Boyd’s good. I just downloaded some of his songs from iTunes, including his Voice performances.
    Why he’s never grabbed the brass ring? Marketing.
    Contrast this with Taylor Swift, currently the media darling and apparently the darling of fans.
    Not me. She looks good, she’s got the dance/entertainer moves down, but I can’t get past that voice of hers. Case in point, her first album was offered free on eMusic, so downloaded it. Listened to the tracks, and simply dumped them. I didn’t want to waste the hard drive space. Martina McBride she ain’t. Kathy Mattea, Allison Moorer, so many others, they’re musicians.
    I wondered; can I be so wrong? So I forwarded a link to a T S Youtube video to a friend, a concert pianist who lives in Finland. Her comment? “She can’t even sing on key!”
    I keep waiting for the bubble to burst. But then, there’s Justin Bieber…
    So I’m happy to push Mr Boyd’s career just that tiny amount.
    American music needs him.


    November 26, 2014 at 9:41 am

    • I’m with you all the way, JL. I don’t hear a great voice out of Taylor Swift; I see a smart, enterprising woman who’s made a career partly because she’s cute and conventionally thin. She’s made a lot of money and has good musical instincts — but as you said, she’s not Martina McBride.

      And I don’t get the appeal of Justin Bieber, either, though I do get the appeal of his songs when they’re sung by someone else. (I think he has good songwriters, and again, he’s cute and marketable.)

      Yes, we need Craig Wayne Boyd in American music. He is an original. He is a true musician.

      I’m glad to do what I can, too…because I want to see talented people succeed. Sometimes you just can’t attain the level of success you need (if you’ve read my blog for a while, you may have noticed my many blogs about Racine native, Vinny Rottino; he’s a baseball player, and a very good one, but he never quite got his chance in MLB because he wasn’t a highly-touted prospect. He’s now 34 and playing in Korea, and he’s nearly at retirement age for most baseball players. I fully expect him to go into coaching and perhaps become a manager in due time as he’s very smart.) But you have to try to maximize your opportunities.

      I know I do that. I know Mr. Rottino has done that.

      And I know Craig Wayne Boyd has done that also.

      I hope he’ll find great success, and never lose sight of all the struggles he’s endured to get there. Because that’s what makes him human, and that’s what infuses his art.

      Barb Caffrey

      November 26, 2014 at 11:19 pm

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