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Today was a day for mentions at other well-read blogs, folks. And as I’ve already mentioned my appearance at Joan Reeves’ Sling Words, I figured I’d best get over here and mention the other wonderful blog that mentioned me — and my book AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE — today.

That blog is Cheryllynn Dyess’s “CDyess Writes,” and she featured me and AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE in her “50 Days of Indie” promotion. She and I know each other because of belonging to the Fantasy and Science Fiction Network…or #FSFNet for short, if you’re using Twitter hashtags.

Cheryllynn was kind enough to let people know about my novel AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, and I truly appreciate that. FSFN highlights novels that do not exceed a PG-13 rating, and AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE assuredly qualifies as there’s no sex, little cursing, but much rousing action and a whole lot of funny moments along with some age-appropriate romance between Bruno my “teenage” Elfy hero and his love interest, the short but very human teenager, Sarah.

Please take a look at her blog, and check out some of the other wonderful authors she’s featured in her “50 Days of Indie,” including Kasper Beaumont, Leeland Artra and Kia Carrington.

And thank you so much again, Cheryllynn, for your willingness to spread the word about me and my writing!

Edited to add: By the way, AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE remains at ninety-nine cents, but it won’t stay that way for long. (Just sayin’.) That’s the only thing Cheryllynn didn’t know about, as the regular price is $3.99 (as she stated), and the original plan was to raise the price back up before this point.

But since it’s still at just ninety-nine cents, why not take a chance?

I mean, really. Where else are you going to get a full-length, action-packed and very funny urban fantasy for less than the price of a latte?

Written by Barb Caffrey

December 17, 2014 at 8:59 pm

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