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A Quick Monday Update

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Folks, I’ve been editing up a storm the past week. Though I still have a lot more work to do, at least I’ve been able to come up for air a little bit so I can write a little blog-let.

But what should I write about today? Hm…good question.

One of these days, I intend to discuss the different types of editing I do, including developmental (also known as content editing), copy-editing, proofreading, and continuity reading.

In other words, there are levels within levels of editing…that’s the main point I’m trying to get at. Developmental editing takes the longest; copy-editing plus a continuity read takes the second-longest; proofreading is the easiest and takes the shortest amount of time, though it’s still not exactly short if you want to do a good job.

Clear as mud, no? (That’s what happens when a huge edit gets finished, and I get short on sleep.)

Anyway, I do have a few interesting things happening this week, including another edit (for myself, this time), a story that I’m working on (currently vexing me, but I hope I’ll have it straightened out soon) that’s due in on March 1, and a guest blog/swap this upcoming Wednesday with author N.N. Light, author of the Christian inspirational fantasy PRINCESS OF THE LIGHT — I’ll be interviewed at her blog, while she’ll have a guest post here at my blog on the same day.

As for reviews, I remain behind. Right now, there are two or three SF&F books in the queue along with two shorter works by Cherylynn Dyess (those may be reviewed together, but are probably still a week off due to my workload) — the books I’m probably going to review next over at Shiny Book Review are Ann Leckie’s ANCILLARY SWORD and Emily St. John Mandel’s STATION ELEVEN, though it’s possible I may review Victoria Alexander’s latest for Romance Saturday instead. (All depends on workload.)

Oh, yes — and did I mention that I have a concert to play with the Racine Concert Band this week, too? That’s this Thursday evening over at Horlick High School, if you live nearby and are interested in coming…I’m playing the alto saxophone for this concert.

Anyway, this is a high workload week. (I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!) But somehow, I’m going to get it done, get my book edited, get the story written, and along the way I’ll definitely have that guest blog exchange with N.N. Light on Wednesday.

One, final thing — since the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training is officially underway (at least as far as the pitchers and catchers go), I’m definitely thinking about baseball. (So could another story about my baseball-loving psychic, Madame Arletta, and her werewolf husband Fergus be in the offing?)

Stay tuned.

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February 23, 2015 at 4:30 am

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