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Archive for October 25th, 2015

A Quick, Drive-By Bloglet…

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Folks, I’m still working hard at CHANGING FACES. I now feel confident of about half the manuscript; I’ve deconstructed it, reconstructed it, and it’s reading better and faster according to my editor.

As I said in my last bloglet, I am putting everything I have into this book. I haven’t reviewed a book in weeks; I haven’t written much of anything besides CHANGING FACES; and I haven’t edited anything in weeks, either. (I did proofread a very short story for a friend, but that was about it.)

The hope here at Chez Caffrey is that I will get this book put to bed by the end of October (yes, six days away from now — that October).

After that, I hope to start a new editing project or two. I also have two other stories hanging fire (one’s a novella, the other one’s a short story)…never a dull moment.

But then again, I like it that way.

As for concerts — the next one on the slate is in December, with the Racine Concert Band.

Anyway, that’s my update…what’s going on with you all?

Written by Barb Caffrey

October 25, 2015 at 2:33 pm