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Periodic State of the Elfyverse, January 2016 Edition

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Folks, I haven’t done this in a while, but I figured I’d give you a “state of the Elfyverse,” which has grown to encompass all my writing and editing in addition to the ELFY saga.

Perhaps I’d best start there, though, as that makes sense.

The next book in the Elfyverse is actually going to be three books. For years, I’ve called it AN ELFY ABROAD, because it’s a pun (Bruno’s the Elfy, and Sarah’s the “broad”) as well as being absolutely true. Bruno is a stranger in a strange land, and he’s going to visit the Troll Realm, he’s going back to the Elfy Realm as a power (however uneasy he may be over it), and he and Sarah have many more adventures in the Human Realm (our Earth).

That much, I am positive about.

Everything else, however, is up for debate, as the book/trilogy is in the midst of a revision. But it is in progress, and I hope it’ll be along in due course.

As for other stories in progress…

  • There will be a fourth story in the Darkover universe if I have anything to say about it, featuring my judge character Fiona n’ha Gorsali as a young woman just taking up her judicial duties for the first time.
  • I’m plotting out Cat’s journey in “The Quest for Columba,” a novella set in my husband’s alternate history/fantasy universe from Cat the shapeshifter’s perspective. (I figured Cat has a great deal to tell me, and he’s probably been saving up the story for a long time. Why should his wife, Columba, get all the fun?)
  • There is an Elfyverse prequel in the works called KEISHA’S VOW, which is about one-third completed. I hope to take that up after I’m done with “The Quest for Columba.”
  • There is a sequel in the works to my short story “Baseball, Werewolves, and Me,” featuring my worldly-wise psychic Arletta James and her werewolf husband, Fergus.
  • And, finally…I’m getting closer to turning CHANGING FACES in to my publisher, but that’s still a few weeks away.

Now, why is all of this in development at roughly the same time?

Partly, it’s because two of the stories were ongoing at the time of Michael’s death in 2004 and I have refused to give them up.

Partly, it’s because I knew there was more to Cat’s story when trying to add touches to Michael’s second Columba story, “Columba and the Crossing,” and that turned into a much more lengthy endeavor. (Right now, that story will be published after I finish “The Quest for Columba.”)

And partly, it’s because I have more stories than even this — but those are the ones people know about, so I wanted to give some sort of update publicly even if publication for any or all of them is a while yet (except for CHANGING FACES, which will be out this year for sure).

So, in between finishing up an extensive edit and working on a few other edits besides, I’m working on my stories, little by little.

Well, that, and planning some book reviews, and writing a few blogs now and again, and trying to help my fellow writers and editors…

And playing my instruments, and writing a piece every great once in a while…

and talking with my friends and family, grabbing a bite to eat and some showers here and there, and sleep, glorious sleep…

You get the idea.

What are you up to, and how is your New Year going thus far?

Written by Barb Caffrey

January 9, 2016 at 10:11 pm

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