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I was extremely pleased to see Mrs. N’s review of my late husband’s “Columba and the Cat” today. If you haven’t yet seen anything about this story — or even if you have — I urge you to go read her review right away, then go and grab yourself a copy without delay. (Hey, it’s only ninety-nine cents, so how could you go wrong?)

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Columba and the Cat cover

Title: Columba and the Cat (The Columba Chronicles Book 1)

Author: Michael B. Caffrey

Genre: fantasy, magical realism, short story

Book Blurb:

Meet Princess Columba of Illinowa. She’s a magician, a scholar, and is currently the heir to the throne…but she wants no part of it. Because she’s royalty, she’s had trouble meeting men, and she’s tired of dealing with people in search of a title rather than herself.

Into her life comes a mysterious cat. She rescues the cat, takes him into the palace, and starts having unusual dreams — dreams of a man who understands her, cares about her, and loves her. Not her title.

Unbeknownst to Columba, the cat is a shapeshifter. He, too, is royal, albeit from far away. And he’s the man of her dreams…that is, when he’s not in the form of a cat.

Then the dream-man shows up, and the cat disappears. Columba…

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Written by Barb Caffrey

February 25, 2016 at 1:57 am

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