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Storm Lake East and West by @LiviaQuinn: First Book #FREE! #IAN1 #MFRWAuthor #Romance

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Go get your copies of not one, but two free novels today from author Livia Quinn — she’s a fellow member of Marketing for Romance Writers, and my friend, author N.N. Light, featured Livia’s novels today at her blog Princess of the Light.

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Livia Quinn’s Storm Lake East and West: First Book in each series FREE

Welcome to Storm Lake.


Imagine a world where inexplicable circumstances and high emotion conspire to bring a man and woman together.  Love happens when they least expect it, or want it, but they might as well get on board, because the die’s been cast… their fate inevitable. Whether contemporary or fantasy, that’s what we call MAGIC!

Welcome to my world, a place where anything can happen…

On the west side of Storm Lake in the middle of a super pulse of leylines lies Destiny, home to the Destiny Paramortals, a group of tempestaeries, fae, djnn, and others who are bound by an ancient pact to protect weaker species – like humans.  Unknown to the other communities outside of Destiny is the role the Paramortals have in keeping them safe.

The Destiny Paramortals series is southern urban fantasy/romance…

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Written by Barb Caffrey

March 17, 2016 at 10:31 pm

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