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Are You Exhausted and/or Dealing with #Fatigue? Listen to Your Body #inspiration #health

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I think this is an important thing to remember.

Also, be sure to check out Mrs. N’s story “Thirsty for Water” today…it’s free at Amazon. (It’s a very short, but very sweet, YA paranormal. I enjoyed it quite a bit.)

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Are you feeling fatigued and/or burned out?

I woke up feeling fatigued and exhausted. My lower back complained and pain rocked my body. I’m exhausted. My body is screaming for a break and I have no choice but to listen.

One of the ways I battle fatigue is to go for a walk. The fresh air rejuvenates my lungs and cleanses my soul. The music I listen to is filled with happy beats and lyrics.

Listen to your body and do something to refresh yourself.

I strongly recommend going for a walk or exercise. Empty your mind of all the to-do’s and stressors. Release it all and be in the moment.

Another recommendation is meditation/prayer. Be one with yourself and your spirituality. Let peace fill your body with every breath.

Our body knows what we need and when it’s fatigued, it is informing us it needs a check-up STAT!

Don’t ignore the…

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Written by Barb Caffrey

May 8, 2016 at 5:01 am

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