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Try a New Writer Today…Especially a #MFRWAuthor

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Folks, I know I’ve been more silent than not. This is because I continue to work hard on CHANGING FACES and because my life circumstances have not yet settled down…plus, I’m editing for a few clients, thinking hard about new stories, trying to be a good friend and family member.

You know. The usual.

That said, I wanted to come here today, on May 11, 2016 — a Marketing for Romance Writers ReTweet Day (#MFRWAuthor for short, on Twitter) — and ask you to do something. Not for me, necessarily…but for all little-known authors like me.

Find yourself a new author. I don’t care how. Check out one of his or her books…read the sample pages, and see if you like what he or she is offering.

Then, if you do, go get that book.

The world is full of choices. I realize that. And you may be short on money. But many authors offer low-priced options, especially in e-book forms…I am far from the only person to do this. Many of my fellow authors in Marketing for Romance Writers offer low-priced e-books…for example, Kayelle Allen’s newest, BRINGER OF CHAOS, is only $2.99 right now, the same price as my own A LITTLE ELFY IN BIG TROUBLE.

Authors do this because we want readers to check us out. It’s easier for someone to buy a book from someone new to them if the price is low…later on, maybe, you’ll seek us out, and the price-point won’t matter as much. (Don’t we all hope for that?)

But our loss, as authors, is your gain. Because we want you to find us, and to sample our work, sometimes we — or our publishers — put our books on sale.

And do I have a sale for you…interested?

Right now, Twilight Times Books — my publisher — is offering several outstanding novels for ninety-nine cents. (Yes, less than the price of a Sausage McMuffin at McDonalds. And far more satisfying.)

Here’s some of the e-books you can find available for ninety-nine cents right now at this link:

BURNOUT: The Mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281, Stephanie Osborn

SCHOOLED IN MAGIC, Christopher Nuttall




LUCID, Natalie Roers

ROBYN’S ROCK, Darrell Bain

and don’t forget my own AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, which also is a very cheap read right now at only ninety-nine cents…

Anyway, these are only a few of the authors I know with cheap e-books out there. (Why do we put our books at these low prices? Um, to reel you in get you in our clutches because we want you to give us a try…we know we’re not as well known as some (well, Chris Nuttall is, and perhaps Christine Amsden, but surely not the rest of us), and yet, we know we’re doing good work. We just want someone to give us a chance, and see if what we’re doing might just be something you’ll like…

So, do check out a new author today.

If it’s one of my fellow authors in Marketing for Romance Writers, or one of my fellow authors published by Twilight Times Books, so much the better.


P.S. As for me, I continue to struggle with CHANGING FACES, but I am doing my best to move forward. Further updates as warranted…promise.

Written by Barb Caffrey

May 11, 2016 at 7:12 am