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“The Dragon Variation” and “Mouse and Dragon” — Two More Excellent Books by Lee and Miller.

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This is one of my all-time favorite reviews over at SBR. I just re-read Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s MOUSE AND DRAGON last night, in fact, as I’d needed to be reminded how much love truly matters in this world…and I still believe it to be an outstanding achievement and possibly the very best writing of their career. (As I grab everything they write and often buy multiple copies in various formats, that is high praise indeed.)

Please view this review, and remember that SBR is still open for business despite my long layoff in reviewing (and Jason’s long layoff in reviewing also). I shall be reviewing something later this week…possibly Lee and Miller’s DRAGON IN EXILE, as well as Marina Fontaine’s interesting post-apocalyptic debut novel CHASING FREEDOM.

Shiny Book Review

As it’s the beginning of the New Year, it’s time for my inaugural review.  I’ve chosen to review two books: THE DRAGON VARIATION and MOUSE AND DRAGON.  Both are by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the celebrated husband and wife writer team, and are outstanding.

Because THE DRAGON VARIATION is an omnibus, and because MOUSE AND DRAGON is a sequel to only one of the books in that omnibus, I’m going to review the three books comprising THE DRAGON VARIATION (which are, in order, LOCAL CUSTOM, SCOUT’S PROGRESS, and CONFLICT OF HONORS) out of order so as to give my reviews for SCOUT’S PROGRESS and MOUSE AND DRAGON sequentially.

THE DRAGON VARIATION omnibus starts off with LOCAL CUSTOM, one of the best books of mores and manners I’ve ever seen in the SF genre.  It is the story of Anne Davis, a Terran professor…

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June 13, 2016 at 6:38 am

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