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Today Is My Sixth Blog-i-versary…

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Folks, I didn’t want this day to go by without commenting, ’cause today is my sixth blog-i-versary — or sixth year since starting my blog on 7/10/2010.

How time flies when you’re having fun, hm?

I started my blog partly because I wanted people to know that I’m out here — that I exist, that I write, that I comment, that I edit, and that I was doing my best to affect the outcome in those areas.

Along the way, I’ve managed to do a few important things. So, in no particular order, here they are:

First, I regained the full use of my hands due to several rounds of occupational therapy, and started playing in concert bands again as a saxophonist and clarinetist.

Second, I rejoined the Racine Concert Band in 2012.

Third, I finally saw the publication of the Elfy duology as AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE (2014) and A LITTLE ELFY IN BIG TROUBLE (2015).

Fourth, CHANGING FACES nears completion and will be out hopefully by the end of the summer.

Fifth, I’ve made new friends, encouraged old ones, and have managed to get several of Michael’s stories back out and available (including “Columba and the Cat” and the two Joey Maverick stories, “A Dark and Stormy Night” and “On Westmount Station”)…plus, I wrote a story around a 2,000 word fragment of my husband’s that I called “To Survive the Maelstrom.”

(BTW, that fifth one is something you should keep an eye on, as I’m going to have a promotion later this week about it. In honor of my sixth blog-i-versary, “To Survive the Maelstrom” will be free on Amazon for five days, from July 14 to July 18, 2016.)

I’ve also edited many books, have joined Marketing for Romance Writers, Exquisite Quills, and ASMSG, have met many interesting people in and out of the book world…and have sustained some lasting losses, too, including the death of my best friend Jeff Wilson in 2011.

The song that comes to mind, right now, is Genesis’s “Home by the Sea.” Some of the lyrics speak to me at times like this, such as “images of sorrow, pictures of delight. Things that go to make up a life…”

That’s where I am, on my sixth blog-i-versary.

Thanks for sharing the ride, and do stay tuned…you never know what might happen here at the Elfyverse. (Could “Trouble with Elfs” be on the way as an e-book? One can only hope…)

Written by Barb Caffrey

July 11, 2016 at 10:32 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Congratulations – You’ve been BUSY Barb!!! 🙂

    The Story Reading Ape

    July 12, 2016 at 3:54 am

    • Yep! But being busy is much better than being bored, Chris…BTW, I’m going to try to pull something together for you for the weekend. Is that possible? (I am going to put “To Survive the Maelstrom” up for free for five days, starting on the 14th…) I figured I’d write something about military SF conventions, or something that might interest your readers. Sound good?

      Barb Caffrey

      July 12, 2016 at 5:26 am

      • Sounds great Barb – let me know your preferred date of posting so I can work it into my scheduled posts 😀

        The Story Reading Ape

        July 12, 2016 at 5:56 am

      • I’ll try for Friday — my Friday, so your Saturday? — and get you something in two days, if that’s OK. Thanks, Chris. 🙂

        Barb Caffrey

        July 12, 2016 at 10:19 pm

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