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A Semi-Quick Update…Books, Health, Etc.

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Folks, because I’ll be taking part in a promotion soon — Read an E-Book Week is only a few days away — I wanted to make absolutely sure I came back here and let you know that’s going to happen. I’ll be giving away copies of my first novel, AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, and my third novel, CHANGING FACES, via the Twilight Times Books website. (That’s my publisher.) I’ll give links, so if you don’t already have copies of my books, you can go get them for free — and all I ask is that you please, please read them, comment on them somewhere, and let other people know they exist.

So, more on that in a couple of days.

But I also owed you all some sort of explanation for my untoward silence. If you’ve been following along with my blog for any length of time, you know I’ve been battling some unforeseen health issues. And that so far, the doctors don’t seem to know what to make of them — or me.

(Well, this is my succinct way of putting it.)

I’ve had a number of tests in the past month. Most have given me answers I already knew — such as, I have asthma — while a few have been mixed. The stuff in the middle between “answers I already knew” and “mixed” seems to be coming back with, “Nothing to see here, move along.” (Though I did find out one strange thing, which I’m coping with…at some point, I apparently had a pulmonary embolism, which didn’t kill me outright. That’s a damned good thing, because approximately 20% of the people will die without even know what killed them. And I’ve been put on blood thinners so I won’t have any more.)

So, more stuff gets ruled out than explained. And I continue to battle Ye Olde Mystery Illness, for whatever reason…while doing what I can to edit, live even a shadow semblance of a normal life, and try not to fret myself into oblivion.

The main thing now is to keep trying, keep looking, keep hope alive, and believe that eventually they’re going to find a way to help me.

And the secondary thing is to keep doing whatever I can to make my life better and easier — or at least less difficult and distressing — while I continue to search for answers.

I do hope I’ll find some answers soon, though, because I am tired of the stuff that I haven’t been able to do.

For example, I haven’t been able to play my instruments now in nearly three months due to respiratory distress. I missed the last concert with the Racine Concert Band (which I’ve played in, on and off, for nearly twenty years) and at this point have no idea if I can play the next (in a few months).

And, for yet another example, I haven’t been able to write much fiction in three or four months, either, beyond either prose notes or a thousand words here and there (which isn’t terrible, but it’s not what I hoped for, either; it’s particularly vexing because I’d been making good progress with one book, and had reached the halfway point, only to have my health stall out, and me have to wait until I get my strength back and enough energy to figure the rest of the book out.)

And you all know how spotty my blogs have become. (I would hope you know it’s not for a lack of interest. I always have something to say, or ponder, or want to discuss, but I have to have enough energy with which to do it. And just trying to live halfway well, plus help my friends and family, and then of course edit — I probably should put that first, as I love to do it nearly as much as I love writing or playing music, but I’m typing this stream-of-consciousness — is taking everything I have and then some.)

That said, I am still in the fight. I am doing everything I can to get to a good outcome, one way or another. And I do hope to return to writing, return to playing my music, and most importantly, return to some sort of decent health in the not-so-distant future.

Here’s hoping.


P.S. You may note that I am still editing. This is my livelihood, so I’d damned well better. (And as I said, I love to do it nearly as much as writing or playing music.) And I will honor my commitments as I always do, because that’s the only way to live in my not-so-humble opinion.

Written by Barb Caffrey

February 29, 2020 at 7:21 am

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  1. Hi Barb.
    Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. (Briefly writing Vol III of a fantasy series; two lovers torn apart, one ‘seemingly’ betrays the other, who does not realise, yet- where the heck did all that come from? Got in very deep on trying to make it feasible)

    Firstly best wishes for your book launch. I have an e-copy of ‘Elfy on The Loose’, I am such a sloppy reader though trying to improve. Nothing should detract me from the book, I really must settle down and read more. Will contrate and put out a review in the next few months. Anyway, once again best wishes with the launch.

    Secondly, I can understand the problems with health. Albeit as something of a witness. My wife Sheila suffers with IBS but there seem to be attendant issues which no doctor appears to have an answer to. And these do get her down. The not knowing is always the problem isn’t it. If you had a good notion of just what the problem was it would be easier to deal with.
    Sorry to read you find this so limiting, again I can understand some small part of the frustration there, though I would not dare to give any cheery advice, nothing more grating- like self-help books.

    Thinking of you.
    Best wishes


    March 3, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    • I’m sorry that your wife has troubles and they can’t seem to help her.

      Yes, if you just know what’s wrong, you feel better.

      *hugs* and best wishes to you and your wife, Roger.

      And I did get another edit done and in. I hope to get some writing in this week, somehow. 🙂

      Barb Caffrey

      March 3, 2020 at 6:20 pm

      • Thank you Barb for your hugs and wishes.
        I’m glad to read you did you edit, jut a bit of writing, even a small bit goes a long way. đź‘Ť


        March 4, 2020 at 3:43 am

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