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Monday Meanderings, AKA The Interminable Pandemic Blues

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This past year-plus, since Covid-19 hit, has been frustrating and confusing. While I’ve continued to edit, and have done a little writing (you can see it if you have Kindle Unlimited and borrow Fantastic Schools 3, then look for my story; you also could just straight-up buy Fantastic Schools 3 if you’d like), mostly I just feel stalled out.

Of course, there are reasons for that.

Life got turned upside down by Covid-19. So many different things happened, most of them bad, because of the pandemic. It’s been harder to concentrate on my writing — which embodies hope, to me at least — and it’s been harder to concentrate on my music or musical composition as well. (Possibly for the exact, same reasons.)

Even knowing that the United States is doing much better when it comes to the pandemic (we have vaccines, we no longer have to always wear masks, and sporting events now have crowds again) has not kick-started my creativity.

Mostly, I just feel tired. Wrung out. As if I’ve been Sisyphus, pushing the same boulder up the same, damned hill day after day after day, with no conceivable progress and no change on the horizon to make all my struggles make sense.

I wonder how many others feel this way. (Surely it’s not just me, right?)

That I’m suffering with yet another sinus/ear issue is not helping. Nor is the pain-spike I’ve been dealing with due to two rapid weather changes in the past week.

Anyway, the important thing is that I’m still alive to do my best in all available areas. (Yes, even though I admittedly feel like Sisyphus. A tired, achy Sisyphus, who can barely stand up, much less push that damnable boulder up the damnable hill.)

I’ll keep doing it for as long as I possibly can.

What are you doing during this interminable pandemic? What makes you feel better on gloomy days? Does anyone else who reads this blog feel like Sisyphus from time to time? Tell me in the comments!

Written by Barb Caffrey

May 31, 2021 at 6:39 am

2 Responses

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  1. 1) I always have problems with Depression.

    2) The “lockdowns” have made my problems with Depression worse.

    3) Then there is the Political aspect. IMO the News Media has pushed the “Everybody Is Going To Die And It Is Trump’s Fault” thing. Note, I’m not really trying for a Political Fight here but blaming the President of the US for things that are the responsibility of State/Local government is Extremely Stupid (and yes that applies when it is a Democratic President).

    Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    May 31, 2021 at 9:40 am

    • Paul, the mental health aspect of the lockdowns is definitely something that needs to be discussed more. I don’t know why we were locked down at all, except during the worst of the winter of course (when any illness will be transmitted more easily, or at least it seems that way).

      I think sometimes “the only thing to fear is fear itself,” as FDR said.

      But that doesn’t make it any easier when we’re told to stay in the house.

      What has helped me the most during this is my car. Being able to go out, sit by Lake Michigan, and read my Kindle has been a Godsend. (Or a Goddess-send, if you will.)

      You know I’m not a fan of Trump as a POTUS. But my view is, a pandemic is something that can only be managed once it’s there. Trump did get the various drug companies to work on vaccines as quickly as possible, and deserves credit for that.

      As for the media…the people who’ve died should be remembered. I have no fault for any journalist who keeps his/her mind on the victims of Covid-19. I get frustrated with sensationalism, though…and I see absolutely no need for it.

      Covid, and the mental health aspects of being stuck in the house for far too long, is more than bad enough without that.

      Barb Caffrey

      May 31, 2021 at 4:31 pm

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