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Advance Reader Copy of “An Elfy on the Loose” Now Available at TTB

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Folks, I hadn’t known this until tonight, but my book, AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, has been available as an advance reader copy (or ARC) since early February.

Please follow this link to the ARC, directly available through the auspices of Twilight Times Books (my publisher), if you wish to support my writing . . . if you’re interesting in figuring out just what my favorite Elfy, Bruno, is up to these days . . . or if you’re just bored and in need of some reading material that might make you laugh.

Mind you, if you’re waiting for when AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE will officially be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all other e-book platforms, I’ve been told the date is June 1, 2014.

But right now, if you want to read AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, this link is the only way to do it — it’ll take you right to Twilight Times Books and its e-ARC site, and you can order to your heart’s content.

Getting the ARC out officially is one step closer in the publication process, and I’m glad to see that everything is well in train. I just wish I’d have realized this sooner, so I could’ve made the announcement sooner, that’s all. (But “them’s the breaks,” and all that.)

Please spread the word widely that the ARC is available, OK? Because right now, almost no one knows it exists — and that is not good.

Written by Barb Caffrey

March 29, 2014 at 12:05 am