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Yovani Gallardo’s Gem of Saturday

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Folks, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out Yovani Gallardo’s eight-inning, one-hit masterpiece of Saturday afternoon. The Brewers broke a seven-game losing streak because of Gallardo and John Axford (the Brewers’ closer, who came in even though it wasn’t a save situation). The Brewers won, 4-0, and it’s the first time in over three weeks that Gallardo has pitched not only well, but brilliantly (he also had a great game on 4/5/11).

I keep thinking — and saying — that Gallardo isn’t yet an “ace” pitcher, then he goes out and does something like that. Maybe Gallardo is about to mature into that unstoppable force most baseball fans call an “ace” sooner than I thought. (And good for him, if so.)