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Alleged Lottery Winner in MD Says She “Hid” Winning Ticket

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Supposedly, Mirlande Wilson — Maryland’s self-proclaimed Mega Millions winner of the biggest jackpot in United States history — has hidden her winning ticket at the McDonalds she works at.  Wilson, 37, says in this article from the Huffington Post that she wants things to “calm down” before she goes back to the McDonalds and retrieves the ticket.

Now, what’s wrong with this picture?

First, I don’t know anyone who would do this.

Second, if someone did do it, what would keep the people of Maryland from going to this McDonalds and ripping it apart in search of the winning ticket?

Third, the ticket was apparently bought with a number of other people, thus Mirlande Wilson isn’t the only winner.  So if she has hidden the ticket, she’s hiding it from the other winners to spite them — but see the previous two reasons, as I still don’t think she’d hide the ticket in a McDonalds (one she worked at, or otherwise).

And, finally, this woman’s co-workers do not believe her.  So why should we?

My view is simple: either this woman’s ticket was bought as part of the “employee pool” and she somehow grabbed hold of it and hid it (not in the McDonalds), or she’s just trying to grab attention for herself for some reason and isn’t really a winner (by herself or otherwise).

And, for whatever it’s worth, I strongly suspect litigation is in Mirlande Wilson’s future if she really does have the winning ticket, as it’s highly unlikely this ticket is solely hers.

Written by Barb Caffrey

April 4, 2012 at 6:21 pm