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Folks, I’ve been tagged by author Erin Moore in the Meet My Character(s) Blog-hop. She’s the author of AWAKENED BY THE MINOTAUR, a contemporary romance about a man forced to shapeshift into the form of a Minotaur that’s set in Greece and uses Greek myth as its basis. Her book looks a little bit like P.C. Cast’s Goddess novels, which means it should be a fun, fast read with some really good grounding in history and mythology and a goodly amount of spice.

And as I’ve read nearly every book P.C. Cast has ever put out — even if I haven’t reviewed most of them — I look forward to diving into her book soon.

Now, observant readers may be aware that I’ve done this particular blog-hop before (here’s the link, if you don’t believe me) — but I talked about Bruno the Elfy, then. This time, I’m going to talk about Sarah, his human love interest — both are teens (or the equivalent, in Bruno’s case, as Elfys mature more slowly than humans), so it’s an age-appropriate, gentle romance — and discuss things from her point of view.

So look for my response to Erin’s tag next Monday, OK? (And thanks again, Erin, for tagging me! I’m always glad to discuss AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE.)

Now, as for the other stuff.

I’ve taken to Twitter in my support of comedienne Joan Rivers, as the eighty-one-year-old dynamo had a heart attack while undergoing a throat procedure in an outpatient clinic in New York nearly a week ago. Since that time, Ms. Rivers has been in a medically-induced coma, but the most recent word is that the doctors have started bringing her out of that.

No one knows how long Ms. Rivers was without oxygen, though. And that’s important — someone can survive a heart attack with immediate treatment (CPR, in this case), but the longer the brain goes without oxygen, the more likely she’s going to be impaired either physically or mentally.

Here, obviously, losing mental faculties has to be the main issue. (No one wants to lose the ability to move around, but actors and comedians can continue to make a living providing their minds are intact and they can speak and be understood.) As Ms. Rivers has made her way in the world due to a razor-sharp intellect, she must have her mind or she can’t work.

More to the point, she won’t be herself if she doesn’t have her mind, whether she ever works again or not. So I hope she does regain her mental faculties, knows who she is and recognizes her family and friends when she wakes up, regardless of whether she ever steps foot on stage again.

Because I don’t know about you, but losing one sharp-witted comedian earlier this year in Robin Williams — a good friend of Ms. Rivers, I might add — was more than enough.

Next, what can I say about my poor favorite baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers, that isn’t already being said? The words “collapse” and “folding” and “I told you so” are already emerging from the national pundits, as the Brewers have now officially lost their nearly year-long lead in the National League Central due to their 4-2 loss today to the lowly Chicago Cubs.

But I’m more concerned about the fatigue I’ve seen on the faces of too many of the Brewers regulars. Ryan Braun looks like he needs not just one day off, but several — his thumb, and perhaps his back as well, is obviously hurting him. Khris Davis is not running as well as normal, so he looks to be ailing. Aramis Ramirez is still playing good defense, but he can barely run, and probably would be on the disabled list if not for being in the thick of the pennant race . . . the list goes on and on. And that’s not even discussing the relief pitchers who’ve been with Milwaukee since the start of the season, who to a man are exhausted due to their many, many appearances.

Mind, the Brewers traded a few days ago for Jonathan Broxton, late of the Cincinnati Reds, who’s a former closer and perhaps may serve as a fresh arm. But they look tired, they’re not playing well, and the dreaded St. Louis Cardinals look to be pressing their advantage — as they should, mind, because that is their job.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, I’m working on two fiction short stories and finishing up a major edit right now, so I may be scarce for the next several days. (We’ll see.) Don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of me until next week, as that’s what tends to happen when I’m on deadline.

As Maury Povich says, “Until next time, America…” (or should I say world?)

Meet My Character (Bruno the Elfy) Blog Hop

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Folks, I was tagged by author Dina von Lowenkraft for the “Meet My Character” blog-hop. (Her take on this particular blog-hop, by the way, is here.) This particular blog-hop is designed to help you meet the author’s main character, and know a little bit about him. It’s a fun little exercise designed to help you intrigue people enough to buy your book . . . and what’s wrong with that?

Since my main character is Bruno the Elfy from AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, and I feel like talking about him anyway, let’s get started!

1) What is the name of your character? Is he a fictional and/or historic person?

My character’s name is Bruno (originally Jon, but never “Jonny-wonny,” which means “bunny-lamb”). He’s an Elfy from a parallel universe. And as such, he’s definitely not a historic character. As Elfys are a short, magical race from a parallel universe where none of them are taller than four feet, two inches (and Bruno is much shorter than that at three feet exactly), I think the odds-on way to bet is that they’re fictional.

2) When and where is this story set?

AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE is set during the present-day, on our Earth, in Knightsville, California — a fictional place set near the Sacramento River, with the biggest nearby municipality being Davis.

3) What should we know about him?

Bruno is an orphan from the Elfy Realm, and is the equivalent of a teenager. He lost his parents years ago in a catastrophic accident. He, himself, had to go through a great deal just to be able to walk and talk again. Before he came to California and our Earth, he had never stepped foot outside the Elfy Realm (as most students don’t). And he doesn’t know how strong he is, magically, nor really much about himself at all . . . but he’s about to find out.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Well, there’s two main problems.

First, Bruno was captured immediately upon coming through the dimensional gate to our Earth by two humans — the parents of his eventual love-interest, Sarah. They won’t tell him their names, they won’t feed him, they barely let him go to the bathroom and their house is a magical trap that doesn’t allow him to use much of his magic.

But the reason these two captured him was on the orders of a Dark Elf, who’s been masquerading as a human priest and going by the name of Dennis. And that Dark Elf has plans for any Elfy he can capture . . . big, bad plans.

Second, the reason Bruno was sent to our Earth at all is because the Elfy High Council (rulers of the Elfy Realm) did not trust Bruno due to his prodigious magic talent. So they threw him out, even though he’s still a very young man — er, Elfy — and was told to fend for himself.

So when Bruno’s teacher Roberto the Wise quite rightly said, “Hey, there’s something wrong with that!” and tried to save Bruno, Roberto instead ended up in the Human Realm with Bruno, and all Roberto could do was (in effect) substitute himself for Bruno.

After that, if Bruno hadn’t been hidden by Sarah (who again is the daughter of the two nasty humans who captured Bruno in the first place), who has an unusual amount of magic of her own, both he and Roberto would’ve been tools for the Dark Elf.

Instead, Bruno has to figure out how to get Roberto back while keeping himself and Sarah alive and free in the process. It’s not a good place to be in, to put it mildly.

5) What is the personal goal of the character?

The short-term goals: Stay alive. Keep Sarah Alive. Keep Roberto Alive. And master his magic before the magic masters him.

The medium-term goals (forthcoming in book 2 of the Elfy duology): Get Roberto back in one piece, and drive the Dark Elf away so he can never subvert any more gullible Humans again.

The long-term goals: Figure out who he wants to be (probably a world-famous scholar and mage, as the Elfy Realm needs those), marry Sarah, and have a passel of kids with her. (But I don’t think the last thing is likely to happen for a few more books. Truly.)

6) What is the title of the book and where can it be found?

AN ELFY ON THE LOOSE, part 1 of the Elfy duology, is available as an e-book at Amazon, and through Twilight Times Books’ own website directly (here’s a link to the five sample chapters to get you started).

Now, does anyone else want to play?

‘Cause I thought, just for kicks, I’d tag Jason Cordova, Chris Nuttall, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Jeff Getzin and Betsy Lightfoot . . . (or should I say in a deep, mysterious voice, “Your mission, if you choose to accept it…?”)

Written by Barb Caffrey

July 3, 2014 at 2:04 am