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Amazon Turbocharges Book Marketing – but at what Price

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Nicholas Rossis has a great take on Amazon’s new book marketing options…but beware, folks.

As I said to Nicholas at his blog, the big indies I know do not need this service; they are already discovered. And the middling-sized ones who might need it probably can’t afford it, while the struggling indies (I’d put myself in this category) have no way to pay for it whatsoever whether they need it or not. (I’d like to think I don’t, and that I’m growing my audience organically. Maybe that’s a forlorn hope, but that’s my hope.)

Anyway, do go read Nicholas’s insightful post, and see what you think.

———————— Nicholas’s post follows:

The Passive Guy alerted me to a big change in the way Amazon does book marketing. As Amy Collins of The Book Designer reports, starting today, Amazon is expanding its Amazon Marketing Services (AMS…

Source: Amazon Turbocharges Book Marketing – but at what Price

Written by Barb Caffrey

May 1, 2016 at 3:49 pm