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Just Reviewed “The Countess” at SBR

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Folks, if you enjoy romance mixed with screwball comedy, you will enjoy Lynsay Sands’ THE COUNTESS.  While not high art, the story of Christiana, Countess of Fairgrove, and her love story with Earl Richard will amuse you.  Richard, you see, had been “disposed of” by his brother George, who took Richard’s place and called himself “Dicky.”  George then married Christiana, who knew nothing about the real Richard; the world knows one of the Fairgrove twins died, but for whatever reason, George assumed Richard’s identity rather than rule in his own right.  (Yes, I know the reason, but if I told you that, some of the comedic effect would be spoiled.  Just go with it.)

Anyway, George dies suddenly, but Christiana covers this up because her sisters need to be “brought out” into society quickly before word gets around about her father’s gambling debts.  (Besides, she never liked him anyway.)  But to her complete surprise, “Dicky” shows up at a ball she and her sisters are at — he’s not dead, and in fact, he’s not Dicky, either.  He’s the real Richard, and he’s wondering the same thing any of us would in a similar situation — what the Hell is going on here?

This is a screwball comedy that often descends into farce, and it’s not the art-house type of screwball comedy, either; instead, it’s the “pie in the face, don’t look now, the train’s coming!” sort.  But it’s quite good for what it is, and I enjoyed it very much despite the plot’s oddities.  (Maybe because of them, as I can’t resist a novel that makes me laugh over and over again.  I really can’t.)

Anyway, go take a look at my review over at SBR, will you?  Then, if you’re in the mood to laugh (hard and often), go pick up THE COUNTESS.


Written by Barb Caffrey

May 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm