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Just reviewed the novelization of “The Settlers of Catan” at SBR

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Folks, if you’ve ever played the board game THE SETTLERS OF CATAN, you know that Catan is a semi-mythical island out in the middle of nowhere in Northern Europe that can only be reached by waiting for the worst storm you’ve ever seen and riding it out.

Anyway, Klaus Teuber, who invented the board game THE SETTLERS OF CATAN, asked novelist Rebecca Gable to turn the game into a historical novel.  She did so in 2003 in Germany; in 2011, Amazon Crossing picked up an English version that was originally translated by Lee Chadeayne, then was revised by Ingrid G. Lansford.  This is the novel that I just reviewed at Shiny Book Review; here is the link to the review:

A synopsis of my review is this: it’s a good book that illuminates the history of 850 AD including the religious outlook (the pagan beliefs based on the Nordic pantheon versus the newer religion, Christianity), the difficulties colonists had restarting their lives, and much more.  But be warned; some parts of the novel are extremely graphic and there is a male-on-male rape scene that I found particularly distasteful.  (I talked around this in my SBR review; I’m not doing so here.)