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A Bunch of Stuff — new Publications, Yoplait Yogurt lids, and Brett Favre observation.

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Well, I don’t have enough for a full blog post today, but I do have a lot of little things to discuss.

First, e-Quill Publishing has accepted an original story; for those of you who’ve known me a while, this story started as “Dream/Reality,” then became “Betty goes to the Fair.”  It’s now entitled “The Fair at South Farallon,” I think — Lawrence at e-Quill liked that much better.   I do not know when it will be available, but I am glad that it’s been accepted.

Second, I am writing a collaborative novella with Piotr Mierzejewski for e-Quill Publishing that’s titled “Iron Falls.”  It is near-future military suspense; I’ve never written anything like this before, and have been doing a great deal of research.  It is in Piotr’s world with Piotr’s characters; we’re still hammering out the plot.  Two chapters have been written with a third on the way; estimated time for this story’s completion is late December 2010.  (Lawrence is very confident and has already announced this at the e-Quill Publishing Web site.  I would’ve preferred to wait until at least four chapters were completed.  But now that the cat’s out of the bag . . . . )

Third, anyone who eats Yoplait yogurt knows that around this time of year, they start making all the lids pink for breast cancer awareness.  My Mom is taking part in all that; it’s called “Save Lids to Save Lives.”  So please, save your pink lids and send ’em to Yoplait down the road, OK?

Finally, my Brett Favre observation.  I’m sure most if not all of you know Favre is in trouble due to some allegations made by two massage therapists working for the New York Jets and a “game hostess” also employed by the Jets.  (I don’t know what a “game hostess” does.  Sorry.)  These were all attractive women, and Favre is alleged to have sent racy text messages to them and also to have sent naked “below-the-waist” pics.  He also left voice mail messages for the “hostess.”

Look.  Favre is a married man; his wife is the inestimable Deanna Favre, who has beaten breast cancer once (though it may return).  They’ve known each other all their lives, have two children (one who is grown and has already reproduced, so Favre is the NFL’s only known player that’s also a grandfather), and have been married fourteen years.  Their marriage has been strong, though there have been allegations in the past of Favre cheating on her — I’ve always thought that Favre loves Deanna like no other, but maybe has trouble being faithful to her, even though I could be wrong about all of it.

What I am sorry about is that Favre’s life is played out in public.  These problems are difficult for anyone to deal with; infidelity is not easy for the non-cheating partner to have to deal with.  And women, more than men, have to deal with this — it’s an awful situation even if it’s all happening behind closed doors.  It is a thousand times worse, it seems to me, to have all this happen in the public eye.

Favre is a major, big-time player with many NFL records; he’s still playing at 41 and is still highly competent as a QB (though it seems to me he now has to pick his spots; last night’s game against the Jets, where Favre played a good fourth quarter but the first three weren’t good at all, is a case in point).  He has the consecutive games-played record — not just for quarterbacks, but for all NFL players — and is considered the “iron man” of professional American football.

All that being said, he’s a man like any other.  And his faults seem to be remarkably similar to many other men; he apparently has a wandering eye, and now his marriage may be in major trouble.

I believe the publication, who has reveled in these Favre allegations (even to the point of paying $20,000 for the voice-mails and “corroborating evidence”), is mostly to blame for all this.  They don’t need to be muckrakers.  Yet to get publicity for themselves, has played this for all its worth — and I find that disgusting.

I would prefer that Brett Favre re-commit to his marriage, if indeed any of the allegations against him are true.  Deanna Favre is a remarkable, strong, intelligent lady and she’s stood by him through many difficult times — including Favre’s Vicodin addiction in the ’90s.  She deserves better treatment from her husband.  And Favre really needs to learn that, at 41 years of age, he should appreciate the great woman he has and stop trying to re-live his youth or behave in a crass, classless manner.  He’s not young; he’s a grandfather.  He should set an example for his teammates and clean up his act.

Written by Barb Caffrey

October 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm

3 Responses

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  1. So… sweeeeeeeee-eeet!


    October 12, 2010 at 10:09 pm

  2. Wow. If this is how long you write when you don’t have enough to fill a blog post, how long are the ones when you *do* have enough? 😉

    And I’d call 41 young, after all, I’m older than that and still young. 😉 Though I’m not playing professional sports.


    October 13, 2010 at 10:36 am

    • Betsy, I figure that all three of ’em together makes one good blog post. 😉 The rest — I just didn’t think it was enough.

      I agree that Favre is still young in some respects, but for the NFL he isn’t — he’s a grown man. You and I expect better out of a man over forty than a guy who’s barely twenty and full of hormones and short on common sense; Favre has a devoted wife who’s stood by him for many, many years — Deanna — and he should appreciate how wonderful *she* is rather than be texting people (if he did) or be sending naked photos of himself. Really, that’s low class. He doesn’t have to stoop to that behavior.

      But yes, he’s still young enough to learn better, so we can *all* hope for that. 😉

      What annoys me is that Deanna Favre fought breast cancer and beat it — it could return, but so far, she’s been clear of cancer for two or three years now. Favre knew then that he could lose Deanna at any point, and he was so much in synch with her that he shaved his head when all her hair fell out; that *is* the act of a loving spouse. And because of Favre in no small measure, breast cancer is now one of the things the NFL tries to support — he is the highest profile player to ever have a wife with this particular disease, and he’s done a great deal of good over the years to highlight it.

      That said, I hope his marriage survives these rumors — if they are true; if they are false, he’s not in any danger. Because I know if I were Deanna, I’d boot his butt _out_.

      Barb Caffrey

      October 13, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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